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~ Jolene about the bandits

The Save-Lots Bandits are the secondary antagonists of The Walking Dead episode "Starved For Help" and the main antagonists of "Long Road Ahead".


The Save-Lots Bandits are a group of people who used to work at the Save-Lots in Macon, Georgia. After the zombie outbreak they formed a huge group and hid in the forest. It is revealed that they raided Ben Paul's camp and killed some of his friends. In a deleted scene it is said that they did even sicker things to them. After his whole camp disbanded and he was the last he joined the main group. After that they drew their attention to the St. John Dairy. They made a deal with them in which they would stop killing members in exchange for some food. However they broke the deal. When they see Mark and Lee exit the dairy they think that they are

The leader of the Save-Lots bandits.

from there and attack them they don't kill anyone but they did shoot Mark. Lee tries to go after them later on but he wasn't able to find them. Also at one point Lee and the others watch two bandits fight. One didn't give food to the other one so they had a fight which ended in one bandit shooting the other one dead. That was all in episode 2. In episode 3 they secretly make a deal with Ben. He would give them medicine so they wouldn't attack their camp. They also mentioned that they had his friend. When Lee took his latest load the bandits came to their camp and hold everyone except Lee and Lilly hostage. Lee tries to talk to them however Lilly starts to shoot at them and frees the others. Lee and Carley or Doug (It depends on a choice made by the players earlier) then join in on the gunfight too. They hold them at bay however one of them calls for reinforcements. Then out of the forest come dozens of bandits and they start shooting at the group. Lee, Lilly, and Carley/Doug fight try to fight them back and are able to save the others. During the fighting however Walkers begin to enter from behind. One bandit is bitten by a zombie and dies and more bandits get killed. The group manages to escape the all out war by driving away in and R.V.



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