The story of Savitar from the TV series The Flash.

Becoming a Speedster

Before his reveal as the future Barry Allen, Savitar's biography was clouded in mystery as there were multiple theories on how he came to be.:

According to Jay Garrick of Earth-3, Savitar is a powerful-speedster, maybe the most-powerful of all. According to him and Julian Albert, he was a normal man in an unknown part of the multi-verse, presumably Earth-1 or Earth-38, who somehow obtained an artefact known as the Brahmastra, or "Philosopher's Stone", which was part of prominent Hindu mythology as the creator of the first meta-humans. After getting it, he used it to gain god-like power, becoming the first-ever person to become connected to the Speed Force, the energy that sustains a speedster's powers, and named himself Savitar after the Hindu God of Motion, Savitr, and was later called the "Dark Lord" by his disciples. Jay claims that whenever Savitar perceives a speedster on a world in the multi-verse to be a future threat to him, he sends a disciple of his, known as Doctor Alchemy, to "prepare" the speedster's world for his arrival. After getting to the Earth he finds the speedster (or speedsters) on, he uses the minions that Alchemy creates for him to conquer that Earth. However, he is still considered a myth by many, with information about him coming from "Speed Force rumours", as Jay put it. Few have ever seen him, and fewer have lived long enough to see him, as his power of invisibility, presumably-sourced from the Philosopher's Stone, prevents anyone without a Speed Force connection from seeing him.

The truth is ultimately revealed by Savitar himself - Savitar's existance is a circle of time. He is the time remnant of Barry Allen that was created by the Barry Allen of 2024 in order to assist in the fight against the then-unidentified Savitar. When the time remnant, amongst other remnants, was called in by the future Barry Allen in order to assist in battling Savitar, Savitar deliberately spared it because he knew the remnant was his own former self and would go on to eventually become Savitar. Although the time remnant survived, after the battle the time remnant was shunned by the rest of Team Flash because it was not the "real" Barry. Completely abandoned, the time remnant eventually snapped completely after the death of Iris West. Completely broken due to grief and loneliness, the time remnant eventually decided that the only way to rid himself of all the pain he felt was becoming a god, because gods don't feel pain. This led to the time remnant adopting the identity of Savitar, travelling back through time and creating disciples led by Alchemy.

At that unknown point in the future, presumably the late 2020's, Savitar is defeated by Barry and imprisoned in the Speed Force. By a speed force trap created by scientist Tracy Brand, he is trapped within the Philosopher's Stone, which is placed in a small stone box, and left in the Indus Valley, hurled into the past so it would never be found in the future. While in the Speed Force, Savitar would "lose [his] mind many times over", being trapped in a time loop in which he was forced to relive the single, most painful moment of his life. His only way to escape his prison was another speedster taking his place.

This, however, wouldn't rob Savitar of his freedom completely. Julian Albert, a British-born scientist-turned CSI, attempted to locate the Philosopher's Stone, hoping to use it to restore his deceased sister to life with its power. This was presumably-caused by Savitar's ability to manifest ghost-like apparitions of certain people in order to fool them into helping him. At some point in the early 2010's, Julian ended up in the Indus Valley, having-tracked the Stone and the box containing it, and proceeded to open the box. After doing so, he was taken over by the spirit of Doctor Alchemy, who killed the rest of Julian's crew. Julian woke up in a hotel the next day, unaware of what he had done or what he'd unleashed on the world. For some time after that, Savitar and Alchemy stayed with Julian as he went to the U.S. to escape his demanding family. He became a CSI in Central City, where, presumably by coincidence, the past-version of Barry Allen worked.

Facing the Flash

Barry Allen, distraught by the pain caused by the Earth-2 speedster Hunter Zolomon, time-travels to create the alternate timeline Flashpoint, stopping Eobard Thawne from killing his mother Nora. However, he later realizes his mistake and reverses time, allowing the past to be fixed. However, certain changes were made to the timeline he was in now; for instance, prior to Flashpoint, he'd never even heard of Julian, but after Flashpoint, he finds that Julian had been working at the Central City Police Department for about a year, unaware of his split-personality Alchemy. Savitar, having been able to witness Flashpoint, saw Wally West as the Flash; after the timeline was restored, Savitar got the idea to empower Wally in the restored timeline, getting him stronger and faster so that he will be able to take his place in the Speed Force and suffer a fate worse than death.

Alchemy would later locate individuals who had meta-human powers in Flashpoint, such as Edward Clariss, Frankie Kane, Shade, Clive Yorkin and a yet-to-be-seen meta-human, and empowered by first making telepathic contact with them (and even hallucinating the effect of the word "ALCHEMY" being scrawled onto glass surfaces by an invisible force), then luring them to Alchemy's hideout in Central City, then restoring their Flashpoint memories and meta-human powers using the Philosopher's Stone, which encased them in a cocoon-like shell that would break after their powers were returned, leaving behind strange "husks" with their DNA attached to it. Along the way, Alchemy managed to start up the Cult of Savitar on Earth-1, letting all its followers know about Savitar and their plans.

Clariss, however, failed to kill Barry after Alchemy ordered him to, and so Savitar arrived at Iron Heights Prison and kills him on Alchemy's behalf by throwing him across his power-proof cell. Footage found later from a security-camera by Julian shows an invisible entity (Savitar) killing Clariss. Frankie and Shade were also unsuccessful in their efforts, with Frankie convinced to not kill innocent people by Barry and Shade defeated through S.T.A.R. Labs technology made by Barry's friends Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow.

After Alchemy has seemingly been defeated by the Flash and a S.W.A.T. team, who arrived to arrest him and being led there by Wally West's new memories of Flashpoint, Savitar speeds into the room, being too fast for even Barry to recognize. Despite Barry's attempt to stop him, Savitar frees Alchemy's chained-up disciples and murders most of the officers, save for Detective Joe West, before grabbing Barry and announcing himself as Savitar, the God of Speed. Barry urges Joe, the only one left with him, to shoot Savitar, but Joe cannot see him, either because Savitar's body is moving so fast that he can't be seen or because he is only visible to speedsters. Barry tells Joe to shoot nonetheless and Joe does so, but the bullets are reflected by Savitar's metal armor. Savitar then speeds off with Barry, being incredibly fast. Due to his enormous speed, Savitar does not appear to be moving but appears and reappears all over the city. Whenever emerging, Savitar hurls Barry away and beats him up. Barry eventually manages to get back up, but although he attempts to fight Savitar, is thrown to the floor immediately again. Barry is only saved when Cisco and Caitlin appear at the city's shoreline through Cisco's meta-human powers, and Caitlin, despite not being able to see Savitar, uses her ice powers to freeze the evil speedster. He breaks free, with his ice casing visible to them, and speeds off, with Barry recovering later at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Savitar later visits Julian Albert in the hospital, recovering from an attack by Caitlin, and commands him to return to the Police Department and get back his Doctor Alchemy attire, seeking to get his organisation back. Julian, unaware of his actions and later being unable to remember any of it, does exactly that, finding his Alchemy mask at his lab.


When Alchemy performs a ritual on top of the Shults Building in Central City around Christmas-time, intending to re-power all the meta-humans from Flashpoint, he is confronted by Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, the Earth-3 Flash. As they arrive to stop this, Savitar appears and attacks Jay, taking him and speeding off. While Barry deals with Alchemy, Savitar beats up Jay similarly to how he attacked Barry previously, leaving him bleeding badly in an alleyway and unable to fight back. Savitar is right about to finish off Jay, but just as that's about to happen, Barry, back at the Shults Building, encases the Philosopher's Stone in the strange stone box that Julian previously found it in. The exact instant he does this, Savitar, due to his connection to the Stone, vanishes into thin air, sending him back into the box.

Savitar is later freed when Cisco opens the box at S.T.A.R. Labs, having seen the spirit of his deceased brother Dante. Dante, however, was actually an illusion created by Savitar to trick Cisco into letting him loose. Unleashed again, Savitar attacks Barry and is only distracted when Wally West, having been turned into a speedster by Alchemy a few weeks prior, speaks to him. After having Savitar's attention, Wally attempts to attack him but is beaten up as well. Although he is able to defeat both speedsters, Savitar is banished once more when Caitlin convinces Cisco to close the box again. By using a machine on Julian, the team is able to contact Savitar, with the villain speaking through Julian. Savitar, once more claiming to be a god, claims that Barry's future self trapped him for eternity, revealing his motivation as simply wanting revenge on Barry for his entrapment. Additionally, Savitar makes the prophecy that among Barry's team at S.T.A.R. Labs (Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, Wally and Harrison "HR" Wells of Earth-19), one will die, one will betray the team and one will suffer a fate worse than death. While Savitar rants on without end, the team deactivates the machine, and thus Julian was seemingly-freed from the villain's influence. Barry and Jay decide the best course of action is to get rid of the box and the Stone, and so they use a breach in the Speed Force to hurl it into the multi-verse, presumably never having to worry about it again.


However, in the effort, Barry is sent into a point in May 2017, 5 months later, where he witnesses a stand-off between Savitar, who doesn't seem to notice him, and future Barry, with Savitar holding Barry's girlfriend Iris West hostage. How Savitar arrives here after his banishment has yet to be explored. Savitar proclaims his victory and uses the metal blade on his suit to pierce Iris' back, killing her and making future Barry weep over her body. Past Barry is pulled out of the scene by Jay, who tries convincing him that what he saw was just a potential future and not something that's sure to happen.

Later on, Barry and Cisco vibe themselves into the future to witness Savitar kill Iris again and look ahead to upcoming events. During the vision, they see HR on a rooftop holding a S.T.A.R. Labs weapon, despite that he wasn't there initially. The heroes then realize that they can alter the future by preventing or doing things differently in events leading up to May 2017. After Barry finds that Wally is actually slightly faster than him and gaining prominence as "Kid Flash", he decides that the newcomer will be the one to save Iris instead of him, as he can get across several feet in 0.26 seconds in time to do so.

Plotting His Return

Weeks after Savitar's banishment, around the time Wally finally gets fast enough to save Iris from Savitar, Wally suddenly starts having hallucinations of the evil speedster appearing in Central City. These hallucinations gradually get worse and worse to the point that Wally even believes himself to be physically attacked by Savitar. To investigate the matter, Barry and the team contact Savitar once more by using Julian as a vessel.

Once Savitar has returned, he starts arguing with Barry, claiming that from his viewpoint, Barry is the villain. He then takes a look around, realizing that HR is still with the team and arrogantly addressing the fact. When HR stands up to Savitar, claiming that he will stand with Barry and the team, Savitar replies that it is irony that HR - the coward - will be the one that lives through all this. Barry then asks Savitar where Barry would imprison him in the future. Savitar answers that Barry imprisoned Savitar in the only place that could hold him and that Savitar was trapped long enough to lose his mind several times over. He claims that only his will kept him on the side of sanity. When Cisco makes the remark that sanity and Savitar not really go hand in hand, Savitar replies that Cisco has always been small and will remain so. Barry then starts talking to Savitar again, asking why exactly the two of them were enemies. Savitar claims that they are enemies because they have to be. He claims that only one of the two can live and that, while Barry thought of Thawne or Zoom as his nemesis, Barry's true nemesis is and has always been Savitar.

Joe then asks what exactly the team ever did to Savitar, angering him and he replies that everything he is, he is because of them. He bitterly adds that he never asked for any of this but was made who he is by the Flash. This causes Barry to ask when they will meet to which Savitar answers that Barry was or will be present when Savitar became what he is now. Barry next asks whether he caused Savitar to become a speedster but Savitar arrogantly dismissed the idea, claiming that only he himself could create the greatness that he is. Barry laughs at that, telling Savitar that the Philosopher's Stone is still gone and that Savitar will thus not escape. Savitar, however, claims that he is closer to his freedom than he has ever been and that every step the team takes to prevent Savitar's return brings him closer to his goal. He hints that he only needs one thing to fully return. He addresses Iris, apologizing to her because he will kill her, but claims that it is either her or him. He then turns to Barry, acknowledging that Barry has suffered worse than every other member of the team. When Savitar cruelly claims that Barry will never get over his parents deaths, Barry pulls the plug on the machine connecting Julian to Savitar, banishing Savitar back into the Speed Force.

To find out more, the team intends to watch Savitar's acolytes. They track down a group of them on a mountain outside of Central City where the acolytes hold some kind of mess to Savitar. Barry speeds into their midst, takes out all of them and interrogates their leader who is holding a box similar to the one that contained the Philosopher's Stone. The box, however, is empty and the acolyte only taunts Barry. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team comes to the bitter conclusion that the two boxes are actually the same and that Savitar might somehow have gained the Philosopher's Stone again. However, a piece of the stone was secretly stolen by Caitlin who wanted to use it to get rid of her Killer Frost powers. After Caitlin admits this to the team, the team decides to contact Savitar again in order to locate the place where. However, Cisco can only narrow the location down to all of Central City, which made no sense and wasn't exactly helpful.


When Wally has another hallucination of Savitar who tells him that he now has everything to escape, Wally plans to stop the villain himself due to the tension in the team. Meanwhile, the team finds out why only speedsters are able to see Savitar - because he has been trapped in the Speed Force all along. This is also why Savitar thus far only appeared for a few moments, because he was being sucked back into the Speed Force soon after emerging. This also explains Savitar's teleport-like speed powers; he merely entered the speed force again and emerged at another place. The team realizes that, by throwing the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force, they brought him the means to escape his prison. However, as he does not have the full stone yet, he cannot escape.

Meanwhile, Wally, still under the influence of what he saw, steals the remaining part of the stone. By telling Wally that he will never be fast enough in order to create a portal to the speed force through which he can throw the remaining part of the stone, the manifestation of Savitar deliberately encourages Wally to manage exactly that. Wally hurls the remaining part of the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force and is grabbed by energy tentacles and sucked into it, leaving only his burnt suit. Moments after Wally is sucked into the speed force, the portal opens again and Savitar emerges from it, proclaiming that he is finally free. He reveals to Barry, who has come too late to save Wally, that Wally has now taken his place as prisoner of the Speed Force. With Wally's punishment, one part of the villain's prophecy has come true, as now Wally is suffering a fate far worse than death.

He then reveals to Barry that by creating Flashpoint, Barry unwittingly gave him the means to escape from his banishment and tells him that he used Wally's youth and ego to free himself from his prison. The two speedsters then run at each other, both being knocked away by the impact. Savitar speeds off immediately but is hunted and confronted by Barry. Barry furiously screams at Savitar that he will kill him but Savitar replies that if Barry had the stomach to kill him, he would have done so in the future. From the envious remarks Savitar makes, Barry realizes that Savitar must be someone Barry knows well enough so Savitar can be jealous of everything Barry achieved. Barry attacks Savitar once again to remove his mask but Savitar uses the blade in his arm to stab Barry; given that he hasn't suffered badly-enough, the villain tells him that he cannot kill him yet, but he'll have to wait until May 23rd, 2017 to do so, as that is the date he is destined to kill Iris. Barry phases his hand and shatters the blade, causing Savitar to flee in pain.


While Barry is headed into the speed force to save Wally, Cisco and Jessie analyse the blade Savitar used to stab Barry and track him down. Jessie eventually goes on with the plan alone after the rest of the team refused to. Jessie successfully uses the blade to track down Savitar, who claims that he knew she would come. When Jessie asks how he could possibly know that, Savitar replies that he knows everything because he already lived it.

Jessie then speeds herself up fast enough to produce lightning which she hurls at Savitar. Savitar, however, absorbs the lightning and redirects it at Jessie, who is thrown away. After Jessie gets back up, Savitar intends to retrieve his blade but Jessie holds on to it. Using some magnetic force, Savitar drags both the blade and Jessie towards him. While Jessie is dragged towards Savitar, HR contacts her and comes to the conclusion that Savitar must be wearing his armor because he is vulnerable underneath it. He tells Jessie to find an opening in Savitar's armor and Jessie manages to do so by stabbing Savitar with his own blade when she is close enough to him. Once again, Savitar responds to pain by running off.

After Jessie has shared her experience with the rest of the team, they come to the conclusion that Savitar is definitely a human person and not a god.

Barry eventually decides to speed to the future in order to find out Savitar's identity. However, once he has arrived in 2024, he realizes the extent of Savitar's actions. After Iris' death, Barry has completely lost all hope and has disbanded Team Flash. Furthermore, Savitar has aligned himself with Killer Frost, leading to her fighting Cisco and Cisco losing both hands. After Iris' death, Wally tried to get revenge on Savitar but had his back broken by him. Furthermore, he has been deeply traumatized by something that has not yet been revealed. Future-Barry reveals to Barry that he never learned Savitar's identity and that the technology required to trap Savitar in the speed force was only developed four years after Iris' death.

Barry returns to the present with what he has learned. Meanwhile, Savitar confronts Killer Frost and proposes the alliance Cisco told Barry off in the future. He reveals that he plans to make sure that Killer Frost remains and that Caitlyn Snow never returns. Caitlin is reluctant to agree, asking Savitar why she should trust him. To this, Savitar replies by removing his armor. After seeing Savitar's face, Killer Frost immediately agrees to Savitar's proposal.

The Future Flash

Savitar sends Killer Frost to kill Tracy Brand, the scientist who will create the speed force trap for Savitar in the future. However, she fails as Barry and Cisco prevent her from murdering Brand. The defeated Killer Frost returns to Savitar's lair and Savitar is shocked that she failed, given that he told her that Cisco and Barry would be there. Savitar claims that there might be more Caitlin Snow left in Killer Frost than she shows. He reveals the importance of Brand's death to Killer Frost, naming her as the only thing in the way of both his and Killer Frost's ascension.

After Killer Frost fails again, she instead kidnaps Joe West's love interest Cecile in order to trade Brand for her. Killer Frost and Team Flash meet in an abandoned warehouse and Barry attempts to appeal to Caitlin but Killer Frost replies by revealing that she knows the exact words Barry will use as Savitar told her about it. She reveals that Savitar also told her that Cisco would be hiding in the rafters and activates hidden explosives that knock Cisco from the roof.

When Killer Frost loses the following battle, Savitar suddenly speeds into the hall. Surprisingly, he attacks neither Tracy nor Barry, he only speeds into the room and escapes with the unconscious Killer Frost. Before he leaves, he implies that his moment of "ascension" is nearly at hand.

Back together, the team wonders about how Savitar could know the exact words Barry said in the warehouse and how he knew the teams' exact position. Thinking about earlier meetings with Savitar, Barry suddenly realizes what they have missed all the time. He excuses himself from the team and speeds onto an empty street. He loudly screams to announce his arrival and Savitar appears seconds later. Barry reveals that he figured out who Savitar is and how he knew all that would happen. Savitar was always a step ahead because he knew everything that happened from the time he was Barry. To this, Savitar replies by stepping out of his armor, revealing that he is a heavily scarred Barry Allen who cruelly claims that he already warned Barry before - Savitar is not "the future, Flash!" but (quite literally) the Future Flash.

Savitar reveals his backstory to Barry, explaining that he needs Iris to die because he needs Barry to break completely so that he will become Savitar in the future. He claims that he needs another thing as well but does not reveal it to Barry. Barry threatens to kill himself in order to prevent Savitar from ever existing but Savitar reveals that due to his immense time travel, the rules of time mostly do not apply to him anymore. Citing the situation of Eobard Thawne, who is still alive despite his direct ancestor having killed himself, Savitar claims that Savitar will still exist even if Barry commits suicide. Savitar then turns around to leave but Barry speeds at him and knocks him down. Barry grabs Savitar by the neck and tries to break his neck but Savitar claims that "his suit is cooler than [Barry's]". At the same time, the Savitar suit manually gets up, grabs Barry and throws him away from Savitar. While Barry is disttracted battling the suit, Savitar sprints back into it. Both Savitar and Barry then run in circles, creating enough energy to create lightning. Both hurl their lightning at each other and a gargantuan explosion knocks both men off their feet. When Barry gets back up, Savitar is already gone.

As Savitar is the Future Flash, Barry and Team Flash intend to stop Barry from remembering things so that Savitar cannot use them against him. However, they accidentally wipe Barry's memory completely which also affects Savitar, who neither remembers his ally Killer Frost nor his own identity. To fix this condition, Killer Frost proposes a plan to Team Flash and manages to get both Barry and Savitar back their memories.

Infantino Street

While Team Flash does anything in their powers to build the weapon that will trap Savitar in the Speed Force, Savitar himself has some problems as his suit has been damaged by Barry during their fight. When Killer Frost realizes this, she mocks him about not looking very god-like at the moment. When she states that the two of them are a team, Barry and Caitlyn back at it again, Savitar stops her and claims that she is not Caitlyn and that he is not Barry. Killer Frost then asks whether Savitar will actually go through with it and kill Iris. Savitar claims that it is either her or him; if Iris doesn't die, Savitar will never be born. Killer Frost mentions that Savitar still has all memories of Barry and thus remembers every memory Barry has with Caitlyn. Savitar responds by claiming that he also remembers being created as a disposable hero, that Barry did not care for his life and that he thus does not care for the life of Barry's fiancee. The same moment, Savitar obtains memories from the Flash, his past identity, and realizes that Barry has travelled through time again and has recruited Leonard Snart to help them steal the energy source for their speed cannon. He is not concerned but only amused and tells Killer Frost that she doesn't have to intervene as it will not make a difference.

While Barry and Snart invade A.R.G.U.S., Savitar dons his old Flash-suit and speeds into S.T.A.R. Labs pretending to be Barry. He asks the team where Iris is and H.R. tells him that Iris is safe, having been brought to Earth-2. However, Savitar then turns his face to reveal his burn scar, causing everyone to realize that he is actually Savitar. Without further questions, Savitar speeds directly into the portal chamber where he breaches to Earth-2, taking his Savitar suit with him. Both Joe, Harry and Wally try to stop him but Wally is brutally defeated. Suddenly, Savitar slumps down and the team realizes that they have fought the armor without Savitar in it. Savitar, meanwhile, turns up behind them. He coldly tells Harry that he will kill him should Harry aim his gun at him. Joe begs with Savitar, trying to save Iris life, but Savitar does not give in. He expresses rage when Joe calls him Barry. Iris then tearfully surrenders, prefering her own death to watching her friends and family be killed by Savitar. Claiming that Iris has accepted her fate and that the Team should do so as well, Savitar then speeds off with Iris back to Earth-1 where he heads to Infantino Street and waits for Barry to arrive.

When Barry arrives at Infantino Street, Savitar speeds in with Iris as well. However, instead of simply killing Iris, he mocks Barry and gives him the chance to hit him with the Speed Gun. Savitar dodges the energy beams Barry shoots at him but is eventually hit by the ray. Despite being hit by the ray, Savitar breaks free from the cage built around him. Savitar reveals that he was already captured by the trap once and that, obviously, he made sure that this could not happen again. Showing Barry the Philosopher's Stone, Savitar claims that it is made from pure Speed Force energy which gives him enough energy to evade the Speed Gun's influence. While the entire Team Flash panics, Savitar then picks up Iris and, exactly like the future Barry saw, rams his blade through Iris' back and kills her, speeding off moments before Barry reaches her body. What Savitar does not know is that even before he arrived with Iris, Iris was switched with H.R. who used the blade of Savitar to track him to his lair. Thus, it was not Iris who was killed but H.R. Speeding off without knowing this, Savitar takes the Speed Force gun with him. He returns to Killer Frost, who has defeated Cisco in battle, and tells her to spare him as he needs to build something for him first.

While talking to Killer Frost, Savitar is suddenly hit by the memories of his past version and realizes that H.R. sacrificed himself in order to save Iris. Both he and the team realize that this means that Savitar will disappear soon, as time will catch up with him and due to being a time paradox now, he will never be created.

Ultimate Plan

Now desperate to succeed with his plan before his fate catches up with him, Savitar orders Cisco to alter the Speed Force gun. Savitar reveals that he actually has a plan B; he wants to use the Speed Force gun to fragment himself all over time, causing him to exist in every time period simultaneously, allowing him to rule from the Big Bang to the end of time itself. Cisco refuses to do so, claiming that even if Savitar threatens to kill him, he will not work for Savitar. However, he is forced to give in when Savitar threatens to kill Killer Frost instead. Savitar also reveals that he remembers that Julian is returning to S.T.A.R. Labs just now, carrying the cure for Caitlyn's condition. He claims that it would be a shame if Caitlyn died just hours before she could be cured from her Killer Frost personna.

From new memories he is getting, Savitar realizes that Barry is seeking him out. He heads to where he knows Barry to be and is indeed met by the Flash. Barry asks Savitar whether he still plans to become a god, but Savitar brushes him off. Barry surprises Savitar by stating that he wants to help Savitar, offering to let him into S.T.A.R. Labs where they can work on helping Savitar together. Savitar does not trust Barry, but Barry reminds him that Savitar has all of his memories and should therefore know that Barry does not intend to trick him. Barry also reveals that he believes that there is still some part of Barry inside Savitar, using a happy memory from his childhood, which Savitar remembers as well, as an example. Savitar then actually accepts the invitation and joins Barry at S.T.A.R. Labs. There, the team is horrified to see their enemy arriving with Barry, but Barry tells them that all is fine. Iris even walks up to Savitar, telling him to look at her. When he does, Iris touches the scarred part of Savitar's face and tells him that they will help him. Savitar even thanks Iris, but then Tracy walks up to Savitar and coldly refuses to help him. Claiming that Savitar took her future from her by killing the man she loved, Tracy reveals that Savitar doesn't deserve a future either.

While the team tries to convince Tracy to help them, Savitar walks through S.T.A.R. Labs and enjoys the memories. When Iris asks him whether he has memories of this place, Savitar states that he remembers everything, citing memories of a villain Barry has not even encountered yet. Although Barry and Iris both seem to genuinely try to resocialize Savitar and to bring them into the fold, Savitar mentions several flaws in their plans, for example that he has no place to stay and that he would definitely make a weird situation of the wedding of Barry and Iris. Savitar suddenly becomes disheartened, stating that he remembers all memories he has with Iris and that he cannot stay when Iris will spend the rest of her life with Barry. Iris, however, prevents him from leaving and claims that they will figure something out. Savitar is shocked, reminding Iris that he killed H.R. and tried to kill her. Iris tells him that he will have to live with that but also claims that they will not give him up. This convinces Savitar to accept the teams help and he agrees to return Killer Frost and Cisco to the team. However, this is revealed to be a ruse when the Philosopher's Stone, which is still located at S.T.A.R. Labs, suddenly pulsates with energy and blows up. Wally and Barry manage to get everyone out of S.T.A.R. Labs just in time.

Meanwhile, Savitar returns to his lair where Cisco has finished the weapon Savitar requested. Savitar coldly reveals to Killer Frost that Barry and the rest behaved exactly like he expected and states that he got rid of a few "problems". They are interrupted when Gypsy suddenly turns up and swiftly escapes with Cisco, but Savitar doesn't care as Cisco finished the weapon already.

Savitar and Killer Frost then head outside where Savitar opens a portal to the Speed Force. He tells Killer Frost to ready herself, as the Speed Force will fight back. Indeed, the Speed Force sends out the Black Flash to protect it but Killer Frost easily freezes and shatters him. According to Savitar's plan, Killer Frost then blasts him with the Speed Force gun. However, instead of spreading Savitar across all time, Savitar's powers are instead used to free Jay Garrick from the Speed Force prison. As Savitar attempts to grasp what happened, the entire Team Flash turns up and Cisco reveals that he manipulated the Speed Force gun and that he would never allow Savitar to become a god.

Final Fight

While most of the team fight Killer Frost, Savitar runs off. He is pursued by Barry, Wally and Jay and desperately tries to destroy all three. He eventually returns to the rest of the team and furiously grabs Cisco, planning to kill him because he destroyed everything. However, he is blasted away by Killer Frost who seems to have finally come to her senses. Realizing that his time is almost up, Savitar then proclaims that he will at least kill Joe, Wally and Iris so Barry will suffer. Barry, however, speeds after Savitar, phases through his armor and kicks him out. Now inside Savitar's armor, Barry fights Savitar and knocks him down. Furiously, Barry then ejects one of Savitar's blades and prepares to kill him but Savitar maniacally urges him to do it, claiming that Barry will become Savitar if he kills him. Instead of killing him, Barry destroys the Savitar armor from within and then knocks out Savitar. Savitar, however, regains consciousness quickly, jumps back up and lunges at Barry. However, before he can reach Barry he is shot through the back by Iris. Moments after his death, Savitar's corpse is erased from existance as the time paradox has finally caught up with him.

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