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Sawyer's Mom is Sawyer's mother and a redeemed antagonist in the Canadian-American cartoon Camp Lakebottom.

She was voiced by ???.


Zombie Dearest

She is first heard talking on the phone with Sawyer until he says he won’t change his mind and move home before hanging up and crying. McGee then talks to her on the phone after Sawyer hung up and agrees to make her visit Camp Lakebottom to reunite with her son.

That morning, McGee, Gretchen and Squirt go to greet Sawyer's Mom when she arrives, only for her to chase them and Armand to eat their brains. When Sawyer arrives, it causes his mother to not eat McGee and his friends' brains and instead greets her son, who is surprised and confused by her arrival. He introduces her to the campers until dragging her away from them.


She is very caring for Sawyer, often giving him hugs and kisses. She also constantly tries to make him go back to his previous life of a normal brain-eating zombie, but is accepting of his choice as a camp councilor. She is extremely hostile to people who she thinks negatively affects her son (like McGee), and is not afraid to attack them.