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His reign is through terror and fear. And my road... goes through him.
~ Max comments on Scrotus
All the riches of these lands are mine, all of Gastown is MINE!
~ Scabrous Scrotus
This blade proves me immortal, but I will not rest until the demon that put it there is dead.
~ Scabrous Scrotus after Max buries a chainsaw in his head

Scabrous Scrotus is the main antagonist of the Mad Max video game. He is the villainous warlord of Gas town and is Max Rockatanksy's nemesis.

He was voiced by Travis Willingham.


Scrotus is the leader of an Oil refinery/City known as Gas town located in the Wasteland which he rules with an iron fist. He is in charge of his own clan of War Boys which he uses to ambush unsuspecting travellers passing through Gas town in order to steal from them and leave them for dead.

His weapon of choice is a chainsaw attached to a pole.

He is also the third psychotic son of Immortan Joe

Mad Max: Video Game

Scabrous Scrotus first appears at the start of the game, leading a band of War Boys as they capture Max and steal his Interceptor. Scrotus and his men strip Max of every one of his belongings, after which Scrotus hits Max on the head with his own shotgun and leaves him to die in the desert. However, Max wakes up and jumps onto Scrotus' war rig before it drives away. Scrotus and Max fight each other, but Max gains the upper hand when he disarms Scrotus of his chainsaw. Scrotus then tackles Max, but the chainsaw gets stuck in Scrotus' head and splits it open. Amazingly, Scrotus is able to survive this and tosses Max off the war rig. Afterwards, Scrotus collapses from pain/blood loss. Following the grievous injury to his brain, Scrotus becomes even more bloodthirsty and violent.



  • He makes only one appearance in the official comic of Mad Max: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD: Nux & Immortan Joe #1, and is described as a "Psychopathic killer".
  • He seems to be Max's biggest physical challenge, as he has come the closest out of all the villains in the series to kill Max almost killing him on four separate occasions.


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