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♪We'll gather every animal in the Outlands
We'll unify them all under my lead
And once our league is assembled
We will be victorious; It will be glorious
All the Pridelands' lush terrain will again be my domain♪
~ Lyrics from the song, "I have a plan".

Scar's Army (also called Army of Scar) is a villainous organization in The Lion Guard. It is founded and lead by Scar, who had been resurrected by Ushari and Janja's Clan, and now seeks revenge on the Pride Lands.


After hearing how great lions of the past can be contacted from the afterlife, Ushari plots to use this knowledge to have his revenge on the Lion Guard for getting his way several times. He forms an alliance with the hyenas to bring back the most evil lion that ever lived: Scar, to help in their plot. Tricking Rafiki's apprentice Makini into asking a question from Rafiki and with the help of the skinks, he learns that bad lions can be summoned with a Bakora staff and fire made by the Roar of the Elders; so he has the hyenas steal Makini's staff and kidnap Kion's sister in order to lure Kion to the Outlands and then threatening the rest of his family so he would give an angry roar that causes a volcano to erupt. After a initial failed attempt to resurrect Scar, Janja angrily throws the staff into the lava, thus causing Scar's spirit to finally rise from the flames.

To be continued...


  • Scar - Founder and Supreme Leader
    • Ushari - Second-in-Command
      • Janja - Commander of the hyena faction
      • Reirei - Commander of the jackal faction
      • Mzingo - Commander of the vulture faction
        • Mwoga
      • Kiburi - Commander of the crocodile faction
        • Tamka
        • Nduli
      • Shupavu - Spy/Commander of the skink faction
        • Njano
        • Nyeusi
        • Nyata
        • Waza
      • Kenge - Mercenary
      • Sumu - Assassin


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