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Scarecrow, shortened to Scare in the 2001 anime, is a cyborg assassin working for Black Ghost and an antagonist in the Cyborg 009 franchise.


Scarecrow and his cronies kidnapped children from the orphanage Joe stayed at to be experimented on by Black Ghost, convincing the Father that they were being adopted. Eventually though, the Father found out what Scarecrow and Black Ghost were doing, prompting Black Ghost to have Scarecrow kill the father to prevent what they were doing from getting out.

Scarecrow and his fellow cyborg assassins were later sent to work under Cyborg 0013 and prevent the 00 Cyborgs from stopping his rampage across Tokyo. They also at some point kidnapped Dr. Kozumi and went to deliver him to 0013.

After Tsutomu inadvertently encountered Joe / Cyborg 009 and gave him a wooden rabbit he carved, Scarecrow appeared and dragged him away.

Scarecrow later went with Machine Gun and Roentgen to deliver Dr. Kozumi to 0013. However, 009 appeared and attempted to save Dr. Kozumi, pursuing Scarecrow and the other Black Ghost operatives as they fled.

After 009 defeated Roentgen, Scarecrow and Machine Gun attempted to shoot him, but they were stopped by Tsutomu, who told them not to hurt the child 009 was holding. However, Scarecrow and Machine Gun didn't listen and instead opted to shoot at 009 again. Cornering 009, Scarecrow revealed that he was the one who killed the Father at Joe's orphanage. Scarecrow prepared to execute 009, but he and Machine Gun were suddenly attacked and killed by Tsutomu, who revealed himself to be Cyborg 0013.

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