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He calls himself "Scarecrow". Psychologist turned psychopath. He preys on the innocent and instills them with fear. When I chose to wear my... costume, it was to prey upon the criminals, and instill them with fear. The irony is not lost on me...
~ Batman on Scarecrow.
Fear is primal. Raw. Blood pressure increases. Veins in your skin contract. Your immune system shuts down. Even if you attempt to steel against fear, ... it is undeniable. Fear makes us human. That was the conclusion of Charles Darwin. Who am I to argue? I'm a man of science, too. A psychologist. But few know my academic achievements. If you know me at all, you know me as ... the Scarecrow!
~ Scarecrow

Dr. Jonathan Crane, or also better known as The Scarecrow, is a supervillain from the Batman series. He has invented a panic-inducing chemical gas known as Fear Gas that makes people see their greatest fears. He does not commit any crimes for fun or for revenge, but as an experiment to further develop his Fear Gas.

He is a mentioned character in 1997 film Batman & Robin, he was planned to be appeared which the main antagonist in the 1999 cancelled film Batman Triumphant, he is the secondary antagonist of the reboot 2005 film Batman Begins, a minor antagonist in the 2008 film The Dark Knight, and a cameo character in 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. Scarecrow also serves as a major antagonist in the Batman: Arkham games, serving as one of the three secondary antagonists of Batman:Arkham Asylum and the main antagonist of Batman:Arkham Knight making him the final antagonist of the entire series.



In his youth, Jonathan Crane grew up with his abusive grandmother, a religious fanatic who tortured Jonathan so badly that he developed a crippling fear of her. His life at school didn't fare much better either, because of bullies who constantly teased him for his lean appearance. Jonathan eventually had enough of his tormentors and used elements from Kung Fu to developed his own fighting style called “Violent Dancing” which takes advantage of his thin frame. He also managed to create a fear-inducing chemical compound which his grandmother used to frighten crows. One night, Jonathan dressed up as a scarecrow and frightened some of the bullies from his school. However, his new fear tactics worked too well and resulted in those people's deaths. Crane became intrigued by the power of fear and dedicated himself to learn more about it. He then returned home to murder his grandmother using the Fear Toxin he had previously made.

Years later, Jonathan Crane became a university professor who used unethical methods to teach his students. Crane was soon fired because of this and searched for work elsewhere after killing those responsible for costing him his teaching job. He then became the head psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and began using the alias Scarecrow while experimenting on his patients. Although Batman eventually discovered Jonathan’s crimes and had him incarcerated, he would continue to pose a threat to the Dark Knight as one of his most psychologically dangerous adversaries.

New 52

The Scarecrow's origins were altered for the New 52. In this continuity, Jonathan Crane was raised by his scientist father, who was studying the emotion of fear. He would use Jonathan as a guinea pig for his research by locking him in a pitch-black test chamber to study the boy's terrified reactions. One day, Jonathan's father died of a heart attack while Jonathan was still locked inside the chamber, and remained there days until police finally found him, starved and traumatized. Eventually Jonathan decided that he needed to learn how to control his fears so he would never have to experience such terror again.

After getting a degree in psychology, Johnathan began using his patients as test subjects to create a hallucinatory, fear-inducing gas called Fear Toxin before beginning his criminal career as the Scarecrow.

Powers and Abilities

Scarecrow has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is extremely intelligent, with a particular facility for psychology, chemistry, and psychopharmacology. He is a skilled leader and tactician. Due to his long-term exposure to various chemicals and toxins he has an enhanced immunity to many of them. He is a competent fighter, and skilled in the use of the scythe as a weapon.

In Other Media

Batman: The Animated Series

Scarecrow using his fear toxin in his second appearance

The Scarecrow was a recurring antagonist in Batman: The Animated Series. His background is similar to his comic book counterpart, having a fascination with scaring people as a child and becoming a psychologist who was fired for his unethical experiments. He sought revenge on the superiors who fired him, using the fear gas he developed. He was eventually defeated by Batman.

He later attempted to increase his cash flow by betting on sports games he had rigged. He did so by dosing the best players of the opposing team with a modified fear powder that reacts to adrenaline, effecting them in the middle of the game.

The New Batman Adventures

Like all characters, Scarecrow was redesigned to give him a much more frightening appearance. He made two major appearances. He first created a new chemical that removed people's fear, causing them to do reckless and dangerous things, and planned to release it during rush hour on the subway to sell the antidote. He unknowingly infected Batman, who disguised himself to infiltrate his operation, which caused him to lose all his inhibitions and nearly kill him, but was saved when Robin used the antidote on Batman. He was then arrested.

Batman Unchained

Main article: Scarecrow (Batman Unchained)

Scarecrow was originally going to appear as the main antagonist of the film.

The Batman

Main article: Scarecrow (The Batman)

Scarecrow was originally planned to appear in the 2004 animated series, but later he was planned to be used for the Christopher Nolan's batman films, Scarecrow was dropped from the The Batman series.

Batman Begins

Main article: Scarecrow (Nolanverse)


Main article: Scarecrow (Arkhamverse)

The Scarecrow is one of the villains Batman faces in the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. He also appeared as the main antagonist in the sequel Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman the Brave and the Bold

He also appears in this animated show where he infected all of the pumpkin crop with fear gas on Halloween. It almost worked but Flash was able to take all the pumpkins away from the people in time. While he did this Crane tried to kill Batman with his scythe but was ultimately defeated. He later made a cameo in Arkham asylum.

Holy Musical Batman

In the show, Scarecrow, along with the other rogues, worked with Sweet Tooth in a plot to kill Batman, and take over the city after they attempt to put nuclear Warheads in the city's water supply.


Main article: Jonathan Crane (Gotham)

Harley Quinn (TV series)

Main article: Scarecrow (Harley Quinn TV Series)

Scarecrow appears as one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside the Queen of Fables) in DC Universe's adult animation series Harley Quinn. Here, he is portrayed by Rahul Kohli.


I made a fear toxin in the form of gas. Now I wear a scary mask. Ow!
~ Scarecrow (singing)
Now this shouldn't scare a big guy like you but these crazies they can't stand it.
~ Crane showing Falconi his mask
Line up, sign up if your looking for some sin.
~ Scarecrow (singing with the rogues)
Hey! I take offense to that!
~ Scarecrow to Sweet Tooth
Yeah... or a diploma will do!
~ Scarecrow to Sweet Tooth
Everyone has a family.
~ Scarecrow
Face the awful truth.
~ Scarecrow
Imagine burning a live.
~ Scarecrow
You pretend to be fearless.
~ Scarecrow
You will beg for death.
~ Scarecrow
He's giving me an awful fright!
~ Scarecrow talking about Batman
Creating fear is more rewarding.
~ Scarecrow in Injustice 2.
Can I have drink? A strong one? This kind of question bores me.
~ Scarecrow interview in Arkham Asylum.
Isn't it wonderful? Together, the people find strength in their fear. Exhilarating. For there are true monsters in this world. Batman and Robin are ours. We must tear them apart, child. Rip the limbs from their bodies. Strip the flesh from their bones. In order to conquer our all-consuming fear... The Scarecrow decrees that the Bat-demons must DIE!
~ Scarecrow talking t a fear-toxin brainwashed girl in Batman Beyond Vol 6 22.


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