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The plan is simple. We immerse the good citizens of Gotham in a world of fear and terror where there is no one to protect them. Then when they feel that all hope has been exhausted, we swoop in and be the answer to their fear. You feed a starving dog, it's always by your side.
~ Jonathan Crane explaining his plan to Jason Todd.
I've always wanted to help Gotham, that was my plan two years ago when Batman disrupted it and now I can finally see my plans come to fruition. I've designed a superior product and I've produced enough of it to medicate this entire city placing them under our control. (Gangster: You call this under control?) Well, you know, we've had to tweak some of the dosage, make it a little more happy, a little less stabby. Your basic instincts set free. Free from restraint, free from conscience. That's what my drug offers, freedom, and what is more addictive than that? So you all want business, and I want a distribution for my product at a premium price. The good people of Gotham, they just want a feel-good drug. So we have Red Hood who will protect our operation, and within twenty-four hours, you'll all be richer than your wildest dreams.
~ Johnathan Crane's speech to the crime bosses.
There's no man in a cape, there's no boy in a mask that's gonna keep me from Valhalla. I am both the dreamer and the thief!
~ Crane to his mother.

Dr. Johnathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow, is the main antagonist of the third season of Titans. He was a psychologist conducting illegal experiments on people using a toxin that causes them to hallucinate about their worst fears, until he was apprehended by Batman and institutionalized in Arkham Asylum. He later manipulated Jason Todd into mass producing anti-fear gas as the vigilante Red Hood. When that failed, he framed the Titans for tainting Gotham's water supply, and made Red Hood out to be the city's new savior - all part of his ultimate plan to use Jason as his puppet to control the city's inhabitants like a god.

He is portrayed by Vincent Kartheiser, who also portrayed Steve Getz in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Early life

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Becoming Scarecrow

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Mentoring Jason Todd

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Becoming a police consultant

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Escaping Arkham Asylum

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Terrorizing Gotham City

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It's a broken record. You're afraid to take risks, John. Loved ones, career, physical confrontation; So you apply the cold and calm coward's vices. Drugs, weak friends to speak for you, shields you from the world.
~ Crane's mother on his psychology.
Addendum, psych profile, Jonathan Crane. After a detailed study of Crane's criminal record, as well as an assessment of his particular form of psychosis, I can conclude that Crane's efforts are most effective via the use of proxies. Unwitting associates commonly drugged into submissive complacence, as opposed to any direct actions of the dominant personality. In other words, Jonathan Crane, the victim of abuse and neglect, was ill-equipped for the Scarecrow's unique form of brutality. Taking into account that Crane's alter ego was the mastermind, while Crane himself, the scientist, the diligent student, was wholly ineffectual. It is my opinion that Crane is one of the most pitiable among Gotham's violent criminals. A broken man without a voice doomed to speak through others.
~ Batman's audio file on Scarecrow.

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  • Father
  • Mother † - Victim


  • Cyrus Beake
  • Red Hood Gang
    • Valeska Nox †
    • Trina Holmes
    • Rafelson Roberts
    • Santiago Perez
  • Lady Vic
  • Gotham City Police Department - Situational Allies
    • Fletcher
    • Voss
    • Diaz


  • Leslie Thompkins - Former Colleague
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - Detainer
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Vee
  • Joker † - Former Ally
  • Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood - Student, Manipulatee, Resurrectee, and Attempted Victim
  • Sanchez - Detainer
  • Titans
    • Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing
    • Koriand'r/Kory Anders/Starfire
    • Gar Logan/Beast Boy
    • Conner/Superboy
    • Krypto
    • Komand'r/Blackfire
    • Donna Troy/Wonder Girl
    • Rachel Roth/Raven
  • Matthew Fasano † - Victim
  • Dennis Feeg † - Victim
  • Tim Drake - Attempted Victim
  • Owen † - Victim


Dick Grayson: A woman killed herself today, doctor. Very strange case.
Johnathan Crane: I heard. She asked for a new guy, Nightwing. Poor Batman, I mean the dude has one little murdering spree, and all of the sudden, he's yesterday's news, right?
~ Crane talking with Dick Grayson
Your story's biblical, brother, I mean, really. You ditch the family safety net, you flee swinging Wayne Manor, and then years later, like the motherf****ing prodigal son, home again, home again, jiggity-jig.
~ Crane to Grayson.
Johnathan Crane: It's the Bird's opening.
Dick Grayson: What?
Johnathan Crane: It's the Bird's opening. It's one of the oldest known openings in chess. It was made famous in 1855 by Henry Edward Bird. It's a classic king-pawn opening. The two are connected, relying on each other. The king moves stealthily in the shadows, while the pawns are sent into the teeth of destruction so that he may advance.
Dick Grayson: And you got all that from the police cheat sheet?
Johnathan Crane: Yeah. The note, it's written on the back of a page, torn from a chess manual. It's just his opening move.
~ Crane explains that Red Hood's actions are his opening move to Dick Grayson
You were just a boy. Those were the lessons that he taught you. It's not your fault. But you need to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else. That it stops with you. Now you let Gotham take care of Gotham. The water will find its level. Stop trying to prove something here.
~ Crane trying to manipulate Dick Grayson.
Get your chemistry kit, an RV, and you've got a TV show.
~ Crane after seeing Jason on anti-fear toxin.
You're gonna give this city what it really needs with no hesitation, no guilt, no fear. New mask, new name, new you. We'll punish all of them for what this city has done to us and then you'll be their symbol. Gotham doesn't understand justice, it only understands terror. You'll be their mirror now. Stand tall Red Hood, show them what they are.
~ Jonathan Crane turning Jason Todd into Red Hood.
Johnathan Crane: I have... I have terror, Mom.
Mrs. Crane: Terror?
Johnathan Crane: Terror that I'll fall short again. Terror that, my ambitions will be unrealized and I see it all. I see it all laid out right before me, and just.. just as I'm about to break through, this dark creature just swoops through and it just steals it all from me.
Mrs. Crane: Does this creature have a shape? A color?
Johnathan Crane: It's just darkness.
Mrs. Crane: Like Batman?
Johnathan Crane: There is no actual dark creature Mom! It's a f****ing metaphor! There's no man in a cape, there's no boy in a mask that's gonna keep me from Valhalla. I am both the dreamer and the thief! Are you unable to grasp such a simple psychological concept?!
~ Johnathan Crane talking to his mother
Welcome to Crane Manor.
~ Crane taking over Wayne Manor.
Jason. Ah, finally home. Finally home. I see you lost the hood, too. Good call. You know, the time for masks is over.
~ Crane to Jason Todd revealing his scarred face.


  • This is the first adaptation of Scarecrow with facial hair, though he later shaves it off later in the season.
  • This version of Scarecrow is also a smoker, often using cannabis.


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