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What is power without someone to rule?
~ Scarlemagne
Call me Hugo.
~ Scarlemagne's last words before dying.

Scarlemagne is the secondary antagonist of the 2020 Netflix original series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. He serves as the main antagonist of the first two seasons and an anti-hero in the third and final season. He is a feared mute who plans to create a mute-only utopia with himself on top.

Raised as a laboratory mandrill, Hugo was tested by scientists Lio and Song Oak whom he considered his parents after their experimentation gave him the gift of intelligence and speech but Dr. Emilia pushed the experiment harder. Hugo finally escaped when a giant mutant destroyed the burrow where the human colony lived but he was scratched at the same time.

After wandering the world ruled by mutant animals, Hugo joined a group of Gothic simians after using his mutant pheromones to beat one of them. At the same time, Hugo finds Lio on the surface but seeing his daughter, Kipo, Hugo believed that Lio had abandoned him, which made him hate him and all mankind and the mandrill rejected the name than those who he believed his family had given him and becomes Scarlemagne.

He was voiced by Dan Stevens.


Kipo: My parents raise you. They name you. They...they love you. How can you hate them so much?
Scarlemagne: I was a child of my own. Thrown to a world bigger and larger than anything I ever know. Did you have any idea to what is like?
~ Scarlemagne's past.

When he was not yet known as Hugo, Scarlemagne was a kind and naive person who loved to play the piano and sing while being mesmerized by the abandoned concept of monarchy. He was, however, very fearful of hostility, like when he was being force-tested or when he had to fight for the first time in his life. After Lio Oak was eventually abandoned, Hugo took a darker path that led him to become the tyrant Scarlemagne.

Ten years after sinking into resentment and hatred for humanity, Scarlemagne had grown far more ruthless, chaotic, angry, resentful, power hungry and seemingly insane. Due to his fascination with the monarchy, the mandrill behaved with a polite and refined air in the presence of his subjects even though that was not who he really was. He also despised the human species, probably because of his past and had developed a deep resentment towards his adoptive father, also disgusting his birth name that he could not bear to hear spoken.

His megalomania eventually made him want to take full control of not only the entire human race but also all mutant animals, which was the reason he was feared so much.

After his defeat and his imprisonment, Thanks to Kipo, Scarlemagne slowly began to feel remorse for these previous acts and ended up redeeming himself not hesitating to sacrifice his life to save his adopted sister and then to choose to die like Hugo and not Scarlemagne.




Season 1


Season 2


Season 3

Five years after the peace between humans and mutants was achieved, a now adult Kipo went to a memorial to his late brother to tell him how this would not have been possible without him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Control: Scarlemagne's pheromones can control primates, and he can order them to do his bidding. Primates affected by his mind control have dilated pupils and sometimes a perpetual smile.


  • Scarlemagne is a mixture of the name of the former king of France, Charlemagne and the word "Scar".


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