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~ Scarlet's doll to Martin Fitch

Scarlet is an horrifying monster that appeared in the Silent Hill video game series. She appears as a boss in Silent Hill: Homecoming inside the Hell Descent which is a personal hell of Martin Fitch. This brutal, gruesome beast is the monstrous and vengeful manifestation of Doctor Martin Fitch's memories of his daughter Scarlet Fitch who he murdered as a pact made by the founding families.


The Scarlet is a giant monster that resembles a giant doll with porcelain skin. She has long hands ending in claws and in her mouth there are razor-sharp teeth that can easily bite off a human's head. Her eyes are empty and she wears ballet shoes on her feet.


Scarlet appears when Alex Shepherd finds Martin Fitch kneeling inside Hell's Descent which is Martin Fitch's personal hell. After a long conversation, Alex gives him a doll that belonged to Scarlet. At this point, Doctor Fitch begins to bleed from all the wounds on his body, dropping the doll into a pool of blood. The memories of Scarlet manifest, causing Scarlet to rise from Doctor Fitch's pool of blood. Scarlet picks him up and he pleads her for forgiveness. After a short thought, the monster bites off the doctor's head and directs her aggression towards Alex. With no choice, Alex is forced to fight the monstrous incarnation of Scarlet Fitch, but Alex manages to defeat and kill Scarlet in the end.


In the first phase, Scarlet attacks with her long arms, but her attacks are quite slow due to the porcelain armor, but this does not mean that they are easy to dodge. Additionally, she can smash the ground creating a shockwave. To defeat Scarlet, Alex has to break all of her porcelain armor, which will expose her muscles, and break a hole in her back. After destroying all the armor, Scarlet enters the second phase of the fight. Now Scarlet is more vulnerable in this phase, but on the other hand, she is now able to move very quickly and climb walls and dark ceilings, falling straight at Alex to bite his head off. In order to kill Scarlet, Alex has to stick the crowbar straight into her heart 3 times, which is visible on her back after breaking the armor.


Scarlet's name and appearance are symbolic of how Scarlet Fitch died. Her father, Doctor Fitch, dismembered her in order to sacrifice her, to appease the Order's dark God and protect Shepherd's Glen. The fact that there is a lot of blood during the fight with Scarlet shows how she was murdered.

Scarlet loved dolls and her whole room was filled with dolls. Scarlet herself resembles a giant doll and her armor is made of delicate porcelain. Doctor Fitch himself tells Alex that Scarlet's hands were as pure and innocent as porcelain. She wears ballet shoes on her legs, which may be related to the fact that Scarlet liked ballet. Joshua notes out on his photograph of her that she loved dolls so much that she preferred to spend time with them rather than other children.

Scarlet's appearance is rather sexualized, evidenced in both her physical appearance as she has visible breasts perhaps symbolizing how she was a girl that will be never to be a grown woman.

As depicted in the game, Scarlet exhibits a tormented existence. It is noted that that with every attack, a lot of blood spills from her body, which is an allusion to how much blood was shed when she was murdered. Alex has to strip her armor as well - which is how she was sacrificed in life. Additionally, her fast beating heart expresses the fact that Scarlet felt immense fear, trauma and pain during her death.



  • Scarlet is a variation of the color red which alludes to how Scarlet Fitch died (through dismemberment).
  • Scarlet is one of the only 2 bosses in Silent Hill: Homecoming (the other being Sepulcher) that was responsible for the death of a parent, being an incarnation of the parent's memories of their murdered child.
  • Like many of the creatures and characters in Homecoming, Scarlet was designed by artist Kenzie LaMar.
  • Defeating Scarlet in the Xbox 360 version unlocks the Achievement "Blood Donor".


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