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Villain Overview

You now know what the Scarlet King is. He is a creation of swirling anomalies, of so many different times, all over the world. He is the memory of a world that is lost, the premodern world, made manifest in a form of hatred for modernity, the new, the humanism and smiling coldness that marks our day to day existence. Forged from a perfect balance of irreconcilable anomalies and our breaking minds. He is an entity created by this overwhelming, unavoidable tension. Of the howl of the old world when faced with a cold, grey, purposeless new. He is the revenge of our fallen past. He is the idea of the ancient in a world which discards and fetishes it.
~ Dipesh Spivak on the Scarlet King in Tufto's Proposal.

The Scarlet King is one of the overarching antagonists of the SCP Foundation Mythos, serving as the unseen antagonist of the articles SCP-231 and possibly SCP-2317, and the main antagonist of the "Verse of an Endless Song" series.

He is an ancient and demonic god who appears in numerous articles and tales across the SCP site, often tied to the end of the existence itself, and is one of the many SCPs proposed for "SCP-001". He is the archenemy of the Brothers Death.


Possible Origins

Due to lack of canon in the SCP universe, there have been several stories telling the origins of the Scarlet King. The readers are free to choose whatever origin for their headcanon.

Dust and Blood

The Scarlet King was born with the planting of the Tree of Knowledge, called Khahrahk at the time. He was the smallest of his siblings, but the only one aware, and it brought him great pain. He decided that existence itself is painful and that he'd have no part in it, as well as destroying existence itself. He started by consuming his siblings and growing stronger on their essence.

He vowed to destroy the Tree, the Creator and Creation, and consumed or subjugated all the other gods, naming himself "King of the Darkness Below". He declared war on creation itself, one which will not end until the very end of everything. He took Sanna, one of the gods he subjugated, forcibly as his wife and sired seven daughters on her. Sanna died after birthing them, and the King took his seven daughters as his new brides, sealing them so they would not die as their mother had. From his seven bride-daughters he had seven children called Leviathans.

Other gods and older beings agreed to follow him as well, among them were Jeser, Goran, Moloch, the Hanged King and possibly the King Worm, the Unseelie Queen and the White Wolf.


The Scarlet King was originally created alongside other anomalies through the dreams of Jacob Montauk, alongside other SCP-3553-A instances. Jacob was one of the many SCP-3553-A instances, children who were mysteriously transported to a dark dream dimension through a SCP-3553-B event. They could use their imagination to affect the world they were as well as reality on Earth, but they would cease to exist if they stopped imagining, or stopped exchanging their memories with each other. Eventually, as the children began fading away, Jacob used his imagination to merge with the remaining children and with their combined imagination brought back those faded children and had them absorbed into their mass. After all of the children are fused together they began dreaming of higher concepts such as deities, eventually creating in 19th March of 3994 the concept of the seven brides and the Scarlet King who represented their determination, suffering and hopelessness.

Beneath The Council

The being that would become known as the Scarlet King was originally just a king of the Icha people of "Not-Men" created alongside Men by the Flesh on Karakine's order. He reigned over the Icha for some years until the Fifth Son gave the Charrun, another race of the Not-Men, the Not, a dark force encompassing and at the same time opposing both order and chaos. As the Not began destroying all life, Men and the Not-Men races warred against one another, while trying to find a way to stop the Not. The Icha King however decided to learn more about the Not and slew the seven kings who were on his way and entered the center of the Not, becoming one with it. After merging with the Not, the Icha King became on the same level as Karakine's Council of All and waged war against the Fifth Son, until he was finally able to banish it for good.


The SCP Foundation was able to neutralize or destroy the first six brides, but the seventh—the strongest—had yet to be born. It resides in SCP-231-7 and is prevented from existing by using Procedure 110-Montuak, developed by Robert Montauk, a scientist.

What the procedure actually involves is unknown, but it is heavily implied that it involves brutal acts of violence, such as rape and torture, in order to keep the Leviathan away. Another source claims that the Scarlet King and Leviathan could not see reality the same way than humans could, meaning that concept of brutal acts of violence against SCP-231-7 could keep them away, allowing the Foundation to discontinue the procedure once they realized this, simply making the Scarlet King believe they were still using the procedure.

However, the O-5 Council became suspicious after realizing that the Children of the Scarlet King had devised the ritual, leading them to suspect that they were playing into the Scarlet King's hands. Following research, they discovered that the seventh bride of the Scarlet King was not like the others: she had given birth to great heroes who fought to stop the Scarlet King, and his Children had deliberately allowed them to discover the ritual in order to stop the greatest one from being born.

With this in mind, the Foundation stopped Procedure 110-Montauk, leading to the birth of SCP-999, now believed to be the only thing to be able to defeat his father/grandfather.

The Scarlet King's daughters are as follows: A'tivik, A'ghor, A'distat, A'zieb, A'nuht, A'tellif, and A'habbat.


Iteration 5 of SCP-2317 claims that the Scarlet King is the untold horror imprisoned inside SCP-2317, a salt desert-dimension locked behind a 19th-century wooden door. In Iteration 6, it is revealed that the entity designated SCP-2317-K is actually ████, Devourer of Worlds or Dread Devourer, a Keter-level Devourer entity that will enter the Foundation's reality within thirty years.

The O5 counsel are surprisingly apathetic to the Devourer's inevitable attack, as several other SCP entities are projected to destroy the world in the meantime, and consider maintaining staff morale to be more important than fruitless attempts to re-imprison the Devourer. Thus, the myth of the Scarlet King was created, alongside a fake ritual, Procedure 220-Calabasas, which can supposedly "appease" the entity.

Whether the Scarlet King truly exists and whether SCP-2317 is worthy of that title is left as an exercise for the reader, as the universe of the SCP-Foundation has no true canon. Some writers treat them as one in the same, while others claim the Dread Devourer is even more powerful than the Scarlet King.

Possible Endings

When We Came Home

In the tale "When We Came Home", the Scarlet King is summoned by the revived Daevites and rises with his armies to destroy creation. He destroys most of creation and casts down all the other gods in his fury. The dead are revived and march to kill the King, but are destroyed by his hordes. However, he is greatly weakened by the assault.

Finally, the only remaining resistance to the King are a group of "thirty-six saints gathered on the mountaintop". Exactly what they do is unknown, but it's implied that they summon the seven warriors who will destroy the King:

The little bastard Empress in her veil, her head swollen and her tongue mute. Harker, the man who shattered the dreamtime with a single strike. The Exile, who long ago cheated the Brothers Three. A’habbat the Unbroken, seventh Bride no longer. The apostate Fawn astride the Saturnian Stag. Set, third son of Adam. Isabel the Maker of Wonders.

The first six warriors attack the King with spears and impales him through the eye, heart and other areas. The final warrior, Isabel Wondertainment, then kills him by driving her spear through his skull.

SCP-001 (Ihp/Locke proposal)

In Keter Duty, SCP-001 (Tufto's proposal) was cross-tested with SCP-001 (I. H. Pickman's proposal), the authors of the SCP wiki who continually manipulate the reality of the SCP Foundation. This resulted in the Scarlet King and his children trying to destroy everything, but fail due to them being part of the narrative of the wiki.


Eventually, SCP-2747 fought the Scarlet King and imprisoned him inside a tower located in the Atacama Desert, Chile, which was made out imagery of several groups of interest. However, the Scarlet King simply laughed as he broke the seals of each floor, but this proved be in vain, because 2747 manipulated the narrative in a way that he would never be freed. The king realized his defeat and remained trapped with the tower for eternity.


When the Children of the Scarlet King performed a ritual on SCP-140 in order to bring the Daevites to the modern times, the ritual instead destroyed 140. Because SCP-140 was a false history created by SCP-140-A who used occult magic to turn it into reality and rewriting the real Daevites, its destruction resulted with the Daevites reverting to a normal civilization with all of the related anomalies ceasing to exist. Since the Scarlet King was completely made up by 140-A as part of 140, the Scarlet King and his anomalies also ceased to exist as if they never existed.


Due to the lack of canon, the Scarlet King has no true form.

Artists often draw him as a classic Devil-like figure with antlers, sometimes with tendrils/tentacles coming from his body, likely a reference of his Lovecraftian inspiration. He is also often depicted with eyes on his chest and bound in or holding chains.

In the tale "Three Short Scenes About Death" the Scarlet King is given a little description. His fist are described as massive and gnarled, holding the chains of his consorts and concubines. The same fists could effortlessly smash a man's throat. The King's voice is described as similar to "the chittering of a billion infinitesimal insects", and swirling and constantly moving. His voice also was neither "high nor low nor cacophonous nor methodical", simply just being.

According to Tufto's SCP-001 proposal, the King is more akin to a living meme than an individual entity; in effect, he is the idea of nihilism and a force of chaos, and can assimilate an entity thought to be him into an aspect of himself.

In SCP-4989, Dr. Simon Kells describes looking at the King as being "like staring at a Pattern Screamer only more hollow".

In "Dr. Wondertainment Goes Out With A Bang", the Scarlet King was described as having an anorexically thin humanoid body, standing exactly seven feet tall and emitting blinding red light. His skin resembled that of a burnt corpse, his hands were gnarled claws, and possessed two great antlers behind his head and multiple eyes on his face. When confronting Cornelius Wondertainment he wore a military uniform covered in medals and rank markers.

Powers and Abilities

The Scarlet King's true power is unknown, though he can conquer and destroy entire worlds and civilizations, and threaten other low elder gods. For regular humans his true power is presumably beyond comprehension. The Scarlet King is stated to be powerful enough to threaten all of Creation and the Tree of Knowledge itself, making him a multiversal threat if not worse. Although he and his followers were able to defeat both Mekhane and Nahash, he was also described as being weaker than his uncle Yaldabaoth prior to his own imprisonment.

Brides & Followers


The seven brides and the seal put upon them are referred as the following:

  • A’tivik (vaduk [dominion])
  • A’ghor (kifenn [longing])
  • A’distat (hezhum [desolation])
  • A’zieb (ba [wrath])
  • A’nuht (ner [lack])
  • A’tellif (usheq [hidden])
  • A’habbat (xokib [hope])


The Scarlet King has gathered many followers, among them other gods, among them were The Factory, Jeser, Goran, Moloch and Hastur/the Hanged King. He alongside the Hanged King and Bobble the Clown formed a version of the Trinity which was know as the "Trinity of the Red Court".

Humans also follow the King, most notably the savage Daevite civilization and the Children of the Scarlet King, a "Satanic" cult which poses as an American right-wing millennialist fire-and-brimstone Christian church. The group consist of eight thousand actual cultists, and about sixty thousand Christians, who unknowingly serve the interests of the inner circle. The cult also has wealthy benefactors.

It is implied in SCP-4150 that Cool Yet radio, an Are We Cool Yet? cell, have been influenced by the King.


  • The concept of the Scarlet King was originally created by author DrClef in SCP-231, but the character was properly developed by other authors such as Djoric and Tufto.
  • The Scarlet King has been influenced by numerous entities across mythology and fiction, with some being: The Devil, Abaddon, Typhon, Chernobog, Hastur, Nyarlathotep, the Crimson King, and Z̤͂â̢ḷ͊g̹̓ȯ̘.
  • The hidden poem in the SCP-231 article hints that instead of working against the Scarlet King, they may be unwittingly or even knowingly playing right into his hands. If this is true, that is presumably why in one canon, "New Job", the O5 Council decided to stop the Protocol, which resulted in the birth of SCP-999. SCP-999 is described as a being that can cure depression and PTSD. As the Scarlet King's background is tragic due to being born aware and possibly suffering from some sort of existential crisis, the O5 Council plans to defeat him "with light and love and laughter that can brighten the blackest of hearts".
  • The Scarlet King is often theorized to possibly be the true or final stage of SCP-2317-K, an untold horror that even the SCP Foundation has difficulty containing and documenting. Since the wiki has no real canon, it is ultimately up to reader to believe if SCP-2317 and the Scarlet King are one and the same. However, 2317's creator personally believes that it and the Scarlet King are completely separate entities.
  • He is the father of SCP-166, SCP-682, SCP-999, Jack of Spades, SCP-4547-B4 and an unborn child from SCP-5832. His DNA was also used to anomalously augment a group of thirty dolphins which would be designated SCP-5953
  • SCP-3806-A claims that Yaldabaoth and the Scarlet King are known to snatch human souls in the astral plane.
  • His followers, The Children of the Scarlet King, could possibly have a tie with Sarkicism, as their rituals have some things in common such as human sacrifice, mutilation, "sex magic", thaumaturgy and the overall worship of an higher being. The Foundation though never has discovered a proper connection.
    • During the Scarlet King's attack on Earth, SCP-610 is shown aiding the evil god, meaning that Sarkites are just pawns of the Scarlet King.
  • The Global Occult Coalition refers to the Scarlet King as "PTE-616-Mendes-Ex-Machina".
  • The Scarlet King and his fellow gods, SCP-3004-1 and Thoth, have all attempted to takeover the religion of Christianity in their respective stories and were somewhat successful.

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