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Shame is what keeps us from being our true selves.
~ Scarlett's most famous line.

Scarlett Winslow is one of the main protagonists in American Horror Stories, serving as the villainous main protagonist of the two-part episodes "Rubber (Wo)Man" and the tritagonist in "Game Over".

She is a teenage girl with sadistic sexual impulses who becomes a serial killer after her family moves into the legendary "Murder House".

She was portrayed by Sienna McCormick, who also played Lilith in Supernatural, and Creepy Connie Thompson in Jessie.


Early life

Scarlett is the witty, intelligent daughter of gay couple Michael and Troy Winslow, and is herself a lesbian. She was kidnapped at the age of three by a delusional woman who believed Scarlett was her child. The woman held her captive for ten days before she was rescued and returned to her parents, who became extremely overprotective as a result.

While she comes from a happy, loving home, Scarlett harbors sadistic sexual impulses, which she vents by watching violent pornography.

American Horror Stories

"Rubber(Wo)man Pts 1 & 2"

Michael and Troy try new careers as house-flippers, and move into the notorious "Murder House" with Scarlett, who is unhappy about the move.

While settling in, she finds the "rubber man" suit once worn by the psychopathic murderer Tate Langdon and tries it on. As she admires herself in the mirror, a pair of black eyes stare back at her, which frightens her so that she throws it away. She later finds it back in the closet, as if it left the garbage on its own, and she puts it on, fascinated. The suit brings out her sadistic aggression, however, and she stabs Troy in the arm while wearing it, for which he and Michael ground her and make her go to family therapy with them. After a home session, the suit takes on a life of its own and kills the therapist, dooming her ghost to reside in the house forever.

Meanwhile, Scarlett becomes infatuated with her classmate Maya, who seems to reciprocate her feelings. Maya invites Scarlett to her house for a sleepover, and Scarlett sneaks out. Maya gets her to admit her BDSM fantasies, but then Scarlett realizes that Maya is live-streaming their conversation, humiliating her in front of the entire school.

Seeking revenge, Scarlett lures Maya her friends to the house by threatening to commit suicide and leave a note blaming her and her friends, which would ruin their reputations. She then dons the suit and murders the other girls with help from the Infantata. Scarlett puts their bodies inside the living room wall. The next morning, she meets another of the house's spirits, Ruby McDaniel, who committed suicide there years before to escape from her uncle Tony's sexual abuse. She and Scarlett bond over their mutual anger and violent sexual inclinations, and fall in love. They cement their bond by stabbing a ghostly nurse to "death" together.

The police trace the missing girls back to Scarlett, and question her about their disappearance so soon after they humiliated her. Scarlett denies harming them, but the police, Michael, and Troy remain suspicious. The ghosts of the girls themselves threaten to kill her and her entire family, but Ruby manages to scare them off. Ruby then asks Scarlett to kill herself in the house so they can be together forever, but Scarlett refuses. Fearing she will lose Scarlett, Ruby murders Michael and Troy, trapping their souls in the house so that Scarlett will have no choice but to stay. Scarlett is unaware of what she has done.

Scarlett and Ruby go out on Halloween, the one night a year when the house's spirits are allowed to go into the outside world. They go to a street fair together, where they run into Scarlett's former friend Shanti, who knows that Scarlett murdered the missing girls. They get into an argument, and Shanti runs off, with Scarlett in pursuit. They are suddenly both menaced by Maya and the other murdered girls, who try to kill Scarlett outside the house so she can never be with Ruby again. Ruby comes to the rescue and again chases the girls away, and promises Scarlett and Shanti that they will never bother them again.

Ruby walks Scarlett and Shanti home, where they are once again attacked by the ghosts of Maya and her friends. Scarlett manages to persuade them that they would have killed her if she had humiliated them, and they call a truce, with Ruby promising to take the blame for their murders. Scarlett then tells Ruby that she needs to live her life away from the house, and says goodbye to her and her fathers. She then goes out into the world, alone for the first time.

Ten months later, Scarlett, now a college student, returns to the house for a visit, and reunites with Ruby and her fathers. She then tells Ruby that she has found her uncle Tony, and promises to kill him. On Halloween, she knocks on Tony's door dressed in the rubber woman suit, and tortures and murders him. That night, she and Ruby embrace, and go out together to enjoy the evening.

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