"I am the scary lion, with big scary teeth! I'm scary on the top, and I'm scary underneath! I am the scary lion, and as a matter-of-fact, I'm scary around the front, and I'm scary around the back!"

"I am the scary lion, rurghhurr! And I'm looking for the bear! I know she is hiding, Harrgh! But I don't know where! 

The Scary Lion is the titular main antagonist of the magical event "The Lion and the Bear" of Teletubbies.

He is quite controversial due to his menacing voice and the sinister music that played during his segment. Due to criticisms from parents of the show's audience, later airings gave him a goofier personify, and his angry voice was replaced with a camp and effeminate Lancashire accent. 


He is a yellow wooden lion that moves thanks to a blue skateboard. He has big sharp teeth, and yellow eyes with dilating pupils. His mouth moves like a ventriloquist dummy. 


In most airings, he was a friend to the bear, and was playing hide and seek. In the original airing, he was more malicious, and his relationship with the bear was more ambiguous. He had a short fuse, and grew increasingly angry as he looked for the bear, and when he found her, he was ballistic and roared maniacally. He is also vain, bragging about his big scary teeth and how overall scary and intimidating he was, and took absolute delight in scaring the tellytubbies.


The Lion and the Bear

He appears only in this magical event. After that the Bear came he will start roaring and growling. He will then come out starting to look for the Bear. The Bear will then start joking on the Lion and will run away while the Lion chases her.


  • The Scary Lion is the only villain of all the show.
  • In the original scetch, he had a more menacing roar, a suspenseful buildup before he appears, and during his screentime, very intense music would play, similarly to a horror movie. Due to criticisms from parents due to scared children, his segment was edited, softening his personality and playing zanier but more relaxed music. The segment STILL received criticism, and many countries banned it. Similarly to the controversial pingu episode with the deformed piniped.