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Their origin is unknown. Obviously they come from an utterly alien facet of dimensional space. Their speed, strength and reflexes are appreciably beyond human. Their claws can cut through tempered steel. Their bodies are armored in a chitinous/metal alloy compatible to titanium. These body shells are actually host structures for communities of insectoid parasites. Even rudimentary communication with them is out of the question. They are impossible to reason with. And they'll be here in 72 hours.
~ Iron Man on the Scatter.

The Scatter are a race of extremely hostile aliens from Marvel comics, first appearing in Force Works 1, while they at first appear as a humanoid species they are in fact a massive colony of carnivorous insects and the humanoid "bodies" are robotic hosts by which said insects gather and spread across other worlds, devouring everything in their path.


The Scatter are a species of powerful and deadly aliens whose origins are unknown, they have devastated entire worlds and consumed untold billions, even before they would run into heroes from Earth; despite seeming to be run by an instinctual desire to devour the Scatter were also inhumanly intelligent and ruthless, for example they would often use devastating battle-tactics such as opening a wormhole from their last planet upon their future conquest, tossing the remains of their last planet to the next and utterly destroying any resistance.

The Scatter were also opportunistic and liked to follow evil beings such as Lore around in order to pick off worlds weakened by said villains, they would come into conflict with Earth heroes when their latest "guide" known as Century accidentally transported them to Earth.

Luckily for Earth the Scatter arrived at the site of a battle between the Kree, Force Works and several Avengers (Vision and Black Widow), this (in addition to Century breaking free and joining with Force Works) was sufficient to drive the Scatter back, with only a few managing to hide and presumably remaining on Earth to this day.

Powers and Abilities

The Scatter are extremely clever creatures despite their all-consuming hunger and have created complex warp-technologies as well as powerful robotic bodies, they also have some degree of psychic power as Spider-Woman's psi-web was able to transmit their thoughts to her.

Each host-body possesses a degree of superhuman strength, powerful claws and durable exteriors that are comparable to titanium, they also tend to carry exotic energy weapons.