Scatterbrain is a villain from the TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and appears in the episode "When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?".

A monster created by Lord Zedd from a kaleidoscope that Adam owned, Scatterbrain had the ability to erase people's memories. Immediately upon arriving on Earth, it manages to erase the memories of Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha devise a plan to save their friends. Adam collects some prisms from Billy's lab to use to reflect Scatterbrain's beam, bringing back the memories of their friends. Just when Adam arrives to save the Rangers, Scatterbrain uses the beam on him, erasing his memory and leaving Aisha and Rocky to face the monster on their own. They try to secure the dropped prisms, but they too fall victim to the Scatterbrain's beam and lose their memories.

The prisms fall to the ground next to Bulk and Skull, who had been watching the fight and had finally discovered the identity of the Power Rangers. With the Rangers no longer able to do anything and not even familiar with each other, Bulk and Skull confront the monster, hiding the prisms behind their backs. When the Scatterbrain shoots its beam at them as well, the prisms reflect the beams, restoring the Rangers' memories and morphing them. However, when the Rangers go to check on Bulk and Skull, the two teens have lost the knowledge of saving the Power Rangers and also forgot the Rangers' true identities. When Lord Zedd makes Scatterbrain giant-sized with a growth bomb, he fights with the Thunderzords and is shortly thereafter defeated with the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber. After the monster's destruction, Bulk and Skull attempted to impress the high school students at the Juice Bar by saying they saved the Power Rangers by attacking the monster and, having forgotten what the monster looked like, that they pulled out one of the monster's teeth.


  • Thomas "Tommy" Oliver
  • Adam Park
  • Kimberly Ann Hart
  • Billy Cranston
  • Aisha Campbell
  • Rocky DeSantos
  • Farkas Bulkmeier
  • Eugene Skullovitch
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