The Scavenger is a recurring nemesis of Aquaman in DC publications, who was also an antagonist of the Warlord. He made his first appearance in Aquaman #37.

He was created by the late Bob Haney and the late Nick Cardy.


The Scavenger had the technological skills to construct himself a survival suit, an advanced submarine and an array of weapons. With these, he planned to steal from wreckage located along the sea bed. During one operation, he stumbled across a battle between Aquaman and Ocean Master. Scavenger had no interest in proving himself in battle but the encounter dragged them both into his search for a Time Decelerator. Scavenger kidnapped Mera and Aquababy in order to force Aquaman to help him, and eventually located the Time Decelerator, only for it to cause him to age backwards into nothingness.

Scavenger was, in fact, trapped in a limbo dimension and was not seen again for a decade, when he emerged and this time disrupted a fight between Aquaman and Fisherman. This time, he was hired by Kobra to raid a submarine but was defeated by Aquaman and captured.

Scavenger spent some time in the realm of Skartaris, battling Warlord as the Scavenger of Souls. He eventually returned to his own dimension and fought Aquaman over another cargo. However, on learning its contents were a vaccine, he changed his mind and delivered them to their intended recipient. The incident caused him to reform and become a legitimate businessman.

However, many years later, he became the avatar of Barracuda and fought against Aquaman and Hawkman, who discovered he was part of a paedophile ring abducting and raping children. During a battle, Hawkman held him against a damaged computer console, electrocuting him.

After history was altered by the events of Flashpoint, Scavenger was restored to life and once more became an opponent of Aquaman, attempting to gain control of Atlantis and to steal and sell their weapons and technology, as well as being a member of the Crime Syndicate of America and Secret Society.


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