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I am here to help you.
~ The Scavenger

Scavenger is from the fifth Tomb Raider game. He is an enigmatic man with an unknown background. His real name as well his age are a complete mystery. He is the first villain in the game.

The Scavenger was voiced by James Patrick Stuart.


The Scavenger was an unknown man. He was somehow stranded on Yasmati Island in Japan. He hid from Father Mathias and the Solarii Brotherhood who resided on the island. Unlike them, the Scavenger had no technology and he was forced to live a very primitive life. He took shelter in a cave hidden in the island's cove. The cave became his new home. As time passed, the Scavenger started to capture anyone who visited Yasmati Island and weren't accepted by Father Mathias. He wrapped them in cocoons before torturing them. After their torture ended, the Scavenger killed them and tossed their corpses into a nearby ocean.

Years later, young archeologist Lara Croft embarked on her first expedition. She joined a group of other researchers on their ship the Endurance. They sailed to Japan in hopes of uncovering the lost kingdom of Yamati. During the travel, the Endurance was caught in a violent storm. The entire crew was stranded on Yamati Island. Lara was separated from the rest of the group. Before Lara had a chance to look for anyone, she was suddenly knocked out by the Scavenger.

Lara awoke in a cave. She was trapped in a cocoon while hanging above the ground. She swung towards a nearby torch. It burned the cocoon and Lara was freed but she ended up falling to ground. Her body was in immense pain but she was still able to stand. After regaining the ability to move, she explored the cave where she was situated. There were corpses of humans who were slaughtered. A minute later, Lara encountered the Scavenger. He claimed that he was trying help her. After examining the corpses, she realized that his idea of "help" was to kill her. She ran away from him and managed to escape the cave. The Scavenger tried to follow her but he was crushed by falling boulders that blocked the entrance to his cave.

After witnessing the Scavenger's death, Lara started to explore Yasmati Island.


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