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The Schlepper Brothers (named Toad, Sleazy, and Zip) are supporting antagonists of the 1983 animated musical film Rock & Rule. They were Mok Swagger's three minions until the events of the film.

Toad was voiced by the late Chris Wiggins, Sleazy was voiced by Brent Titcomb, and Zip was voiced by Greg Duffell.


The brothers were introduced by Mok when the band arrives, later they brainwashed the band as they were along with Mok escaping with Angel to New York where they got all the information on the voice.

They later returned to out town where Mok tried to summon the demon from another dimension.

Unfortunately, Zip covers Omar for his life because he wasn't evil at all Toad gets tearful when Zip dies and turns against his master and throws him down the portal for his brother's death. The fate of Toad and Sleazy is unknown after this.


  • Toad - Toad is the oldest Roller-skating brother and apparently, the leader of them. He and his brothers are Mok's right handmen, he also has a scar on his left eye. When his brother, Zip died. He was then worried about him and turned against Mok. He throws him down into the portal as an punishment for his brother's believed death. His fate after this is unknown. He was voiced by the late Chris Wiggins.
  • Sleazy - Sleazy is a semi-tough guy and the middle brother of Toad and Zip. Apparent by his name, he is unkempt, he sometimes brawls with his brothers by many problems and slap each other a lot. Of the three brothers, he appears less in the film. Despite that, his fate is unknown, as only his voice was heard on the radio. He was voiced by Brent Titcomb.
  • Zip - Zip is the youngest brother and the dumbest of the three. Zip has the personality of a child and mostly spends his time watching cartoon shows. He actually isn't evil at all, but when he watched another Uncle Mikey show he asked Mok if he can tell the difference between good and evil. Mok actually broke his heart when he threw his Uncle Mikey doll into the abyss, making him cry. Later, When the demon shoots a deadly skull ball at Omar, Zip covers him for his life. Sending Zip right into the wall, Toad comes to his side worried and tearful, after which Zip appears to die, sending Toad on a rampage. Zip, however, had simply been knocked unconscious and wakes at the end of the movie. He was voiced by Greg Duffell.


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