´fleb and schlump

Schlump and Fleb was a duo members of the alien nudist scammers. Them may have been nothing more than an accomplice and sidekicks to Nudar, the group's leader, though he seemed to be much smarter than he appeared. Are the secondary antagonists in Futurama 2007 movie, Bender's Big Score, being able to manipulate someone as cautious as the crew of Planet Express into giving the group her e-mail address.


The two associates of Nudar appeared to the Nude Beach Planet, to sign a petition and to give them his email address, managing to get most of Planet Express crew to sign up.

A strategy is proposed, but it is revealed that the scammers have used the money to build several remote-controlled solid gold Death Stars. The President Nixon loses Earth to the Scammer Aliens and Humanity is forced to live in Neptune, the planet where the murderous Robot Santa is based. As they approach Earth, one of the Death Stars shoots down the Nimbus. Leela takes command of the fleet, but is soon overwhelmed by the complexity of directing so many ships.

The scammers have one final trick up their sleeves—they reveal the doomsday device's bag that they stole from the Professor. Nudar gives them 30 seconds to decide on an ultimatum: surrender or be destroyed. But to their surprise, this is a ploy to distract the scammers as he also reveals that he has the bag with the actual doomsday device, and that the scammers have been scammed. They fire off the device and destroy the scammers' ship.

After that event, they were not present again except their boss, since he was the only one to occupy an anti-explosion vest (so his accomplices were not lucky enough to survive).



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