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Once this is over, I shall stand atop the Favonius Headquarters and rebuke their pathetic rule over Mondstadt. Then, the city and all its people will once again be under the rightful and unwavering rule of the Lawrence Clan! Haha, perfect! Just as it once was, and just as it should be!
~ Schubert revealing his plan to rule Mondstadt.

Schubert Lawrence is a minor antagonist in Genshin Impact, serving as the main antagonist in Eula's story quest "The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea". He is a greedy noble of the Lawrence Clan and Eula's uncle.

He was voiced by River Kanoff.


Schubert is a noble of the Lawrence Clan, an aristocracy that once ruled over Mondstadt following the downfall of Decarabian which conducted slavery and other illegal trafficking. That was until Vennessa spearheaded a revolution that overthrew the clan and established the Knights of Favonius. Schubert despised the Knights and secretly plotted to dispose of them for the Lawrence Clan to recapture the city.

In the quest, reports of Schubert seen lurking around the northern city walls gain concern from Grand Master Jean who assumed he was up to no good. She tasks the Traveler and Paimon with confronting Schubert, believing they might approach him better due to them being outsiders. Upon approaching him, Schubert becomes outraged over the Traveler's attempts to be friendly and criticizes them for their lack of etiquette. He also goes on to rant about the lack of nobility in the city, claiming that the people are unruled without the guidance of nobility before taking his leave.

Seeking answers about Schubert as they assume he may be collaborating with the Fatui, the Traveler meets his niece Eula who agrees to teach them how to speak like a noble and battle dignified. With a new talent in etiquette, the Traveler finds Schubert in Springvale and manages to impress him with their civilized tongue. After winning his trust with roasted meat, Schubert tells them that he is in need of competent fellows and takes them to a hideout claimed by the Fatui, making the Traveler and Paimon confirm that he was collaborating with them.

In the hideout, Schubert discusses his plans with Sergei, giving him a diagram of the northern wall of Mondstadt and the patrol routes of the Knights, revealing his plan of having the Fatui destroy the Knights so the Lawrence Clan could once again conquer the city. With his charade exposed, the Traveler reveals themself as the Honorary Knight and places Schubert under arrest. Angered that he was deceived, Schubert makes a run for it while the Traveler battles against Fatui Skirmishers. After defeating the mercenaries, they go to stop Schubert first only to discover he is already apprehended by Eula and two Knights. Schubert berates Eula for going against the clan and orders her to follow her bloodline and defeat the Traveler and the Knights, offering her a chance to be pardoned. Eula refuses knowing of the trouble Schubert and the clan brought to the city before having the guards take him away.


Like most other nobles from the Lawrence Clan, Schubert is a selfish and self-centered man who shows no concern for anyone other than those in the clan. He is highly arrogant with a massive ego believing he is superior in contrast to all the other residents in Mondstadt. He is also manipulative, and was able to trick the Traveler (although they only went through it to expose him) into assisting him in his plan to negotiate with the Fatui to return the clan to its former glory.


  • In the Chinese version, Eula refers to Schubert as 叔父 (shū fù), a term meaning he is younger than her father.


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