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That was a good fight! You should be commended... PSYCH! You're dead meat!
~ Schwarlitz's betraying the player before he reveals his true nature to the Player after the first run.

Colonel Schwarlitz Longhener is the main antagonist and final boss from DoDonPachi, the overarching antagonist in DonPachi and a posthumous antagonist in the later games (DoDonPachi Blissful Death, DoDonPachi Resurrection and Do-Don-Pachi Saidaioujou), where he pilots Hibachi. The commander and founder of the DonPachi Corps, Longhener holds total power over the squadron, despite his colonel rank. Longhener has a belief that humanity as a whole is a flawed creation, and thus he seeks to eradicate his own species.



Schwarlitz Longhener created the DonPachi Corps, a squadron of elite soldiers who gone through an arduous training which involved killing their own comrades, who sacrificed themselves in order to allow only the most skilled to pass the test.


How dare you penetrate my territory? You have robbed everything I possessed. You know, what you've done to me is just unforgivable. I'll punish you myself and see to it that you'll die a miserable death with my awesome weapon. Die, maggots.
~ Schwarlitz's famous line and last words in the final stage, where he berates the Player.

The Player pilot, a member of the DonPachi Corps, is sent by Longhener to fight an invasion by a mysterious mechanized alien force. Upon defeating this threat, however, the pilot receives a communication from Longhener, who reveals he has been actually fighting against his own comrades, a lost fleet who defected from the DonPachi Corps and was trying to stop the colonel's mad schemes. With them out of the way, Longhener sends his own elite fleet against the pilot, him having served his purpose. The pilot defeats Longhener's fleet, so Longhener uses his most powerful weapon, Hibachi, against him. The pilot, however, destroys Hibachi, killing Longhener in the explosion. Following the battle, the pilot finally realizes Longhener's true plan, musing on the irony that this entire war actually solved all of mankind's problems of overpopulation, crime, pollution and arms race. The DonPachi Corps is then dissolved, all of their weapons gathered and sealed away in a cave inside the moon (which leads to the events of DoDonPachi Blissful Death/DaiOuJou).


  • His descendant, Godwin Longhener, who appears the main antagonist of DoDonPachi Resurrection.
  • His final part of his last quote, "Die, maggots." (死ぬがよい.), has become a notorious advertisement line for Cave shoot'em up games and Donpachi franchise: "Daring players to play and overcome their brutally difficult games".
  • The first part of his name Schwar translates to black.
  • Schwarlitz is the most evilest villain in the Donpachi Series and the evilest villain in Cave.

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