Schwarz Metzelei is a member of the Metzelei, the four strongest of the Invaders, and a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack. While appearing human, "Schwarz" is actually the name of the parasite attached to it, the human is an unknown host.


Extra Ops

Fall of Disaster

Schwarz Metzelei first appears in "Fall of Disaster" where she is sent to assist Annette in an operation to test the combat and technological capabilities of the Amadeus Syndicate. Schwarz and Annette's partnership quickly became strained though when Schwarz tries to eat Annette right after arriving. The two then commence their attack the Amadeus Syndicate. After damaging the Amadeus Syndicate enough, Annette tells Schwarz they are leaving but Schwarz refuses as she's having too much fun eating the soldiers of the Syndicate. Annette then threatens to leave her on the planet, causing Schwarz to reluctantly go back with her. Schwarz then realizes that she can just come back later with the her fellow Metzelei to continue feasting.

Growing Ninja

Arriving on Earth via meteorite, Schwarz Metzelei landed near where Yoshino and Sho were training. Schwarz asks the two if they are "P.M. Soldiers" and declares that the Ptolemaic Army has caused the Invaders too much trouble, excited to eat some more humans. After Yoshino seemingly abandons Sho, Schwarz faces the young ninja. Despite Sho's inexperience, Sho manages to drive off Schwarz with his "Air Rend" attack.

Try Line 2nd

After the Great Mother was defeated by the Rebel Army, Schwarz and Fedeln Metzelei look over the injured Great Mother. Fedeln wants to hug her but Schwarz tells him that the Great Mother doesn't like him. Fedeln then tries to hug Schwarz, but Schwarz runs off.

United Front the 8th

As Franke was doing an experiment Schwarz entered and asks Franke to feed her. Franke tells her they are out of humans, but asks Schwarz to come with her to Earth as it will be in a win-win situation; since Schwarz can feed all she wants while Franke collects more humans. Schwarz refuses, as while she may enjoy the food, she would have to wait for a very long time before someone picked her up. Franke keeps trying to convince Schwarz to come with her but, Schwarz threatens her and says she dislikes eating if forced. However, Fedeln then appears and tells Schwarz that Franke is half-human after all. Franke feels the poison from Fedeln's scales and Schwarz warns him to be careful or he'll accidentally kill her. Fedeln then tells Schwarz that their leader has heard of an interesting golden unit on Earth and wants samples of it, prompting Schwarz goes off to battle it. Franke then thanks Fedeln for changing Schwarz's mind and leaves to prepare for the mission, but Fedeln then implies he had his own reasons for approaching them.

Schwarz and Franke attack the Regular Army and capture a large number of soldiers, enraging Marco. After the Regular Army repels some of the Invaders they brought with them, Franke and Schwarz prepare to leave only to be attacked by several SV-001s, one of which hits Franke in the head with a missile. While Franke was unconscious, Schwarz ate her United Coins after they spilled out of her pocket.

OneMan Army

Schwarz Metzelei accompanied Franke in another mission to Earth. Schwarz lands separately from the other Invaders on a different part of the island they were traveling to after tearing a hole in their ship. She quickly makes her presence known to Ralf by killing one of his soldiers. Angered, Raif and Reika then fight her to teach the "barbarian" some manners. Schwarz injures Reika with her tail, enraging Ralf. Schwarz is surprised to see Raif up and angry, as she thought he would be defeated by now. Ralf engulfs himself in flames and attacks Schwarz, overpowering her. Franke then shows up and tells Schwarz to come back before the humans can reassemble. Schwarz initially refuses as she wants to eat Ralf, but Franke reminds her that they weren't ordered to destroy Earth. Schwarz then makes a gaping hole in Franke's body before boarding her spacecraft. As they depart Franke warns Ralf that they will be back soon and laughs at him, saying that Schwarz would had eaten him if she saw that.

Another Story

Fall of Disaster

Schwarz is sent along with Nowan by Annette to go to Earth once again. However, being with Schwarz causes Nowan to remember how Schwarz ravaged her planet and only spared her so she could eat her later. As they traveled to Earth Schwarz attempted to eat Nowan but Odette showed up to save her, causing them to crash-land on Earth near a Rebel Army base. Schwarz then attacks the base and begins eating the Rebel Army soldiers but finds their taste to be of low-quality. She soon comes across Navy and attempts to go after her, finding her interesting due to how different she is from the others. Navy attempts to fend Schwarz with the support of Vita and sends the Iron Vermilion to attack her, but Schwarz destroys it and critically damages Vita. However, tasting the Vermilion's remains causes Schwarz to become addicted to it and forget about Navy. After becoming full, Schwarz goes to leave but finds her allies gone, having abandoned her on Earth when they left in the transport.

In the Secret Ending, Schwarz contacts Annette for a transport, but Annette hangs up on her out of anger because she tried to eat Nowan and harm Odette. Schwarz then calls Fedeln Metzelei for a ship but Fedeln instead complains of being lonely.


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