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Bushwick, better known as simply Schwick, is the main antagonist of the titular main antagonist of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City".

He was played by Andre Sogliuzzo.


Schwick is a giant, argumentative and aggressive and repetitive criminal cockroach. He is very convincing and deceptive: he uses the news on the Music Hall radio to attract people and do what he wants with them.

He is very disturbing and manipulative.


Schwick is on the hunt for an evil package by becoming a notorious criminal. After attracting several people and making him eat her pet, he attracts Muriel Bagge who appears to have won an award for playing her sitar in big city New York accompanied by Courage and Eustage.

Before the Bagges can see the danger sign on the door that says it was a rehearsal room and they go inside.

Courage doesn't trust him, so to get rid of him temporarily, Schwick gives the dog an address and tells him to go get that package from an abandoned building without asking the police for help, and threaten to kill Muriel if he doesn't. or if it doesn't arrive before the curtain rises.

While Courage is looking for the package, Schwick makes bets with Eustage for the television shows.

Courage returns in time with a train that swoops vertically into the building. But when the evil package is discarded, it is revealed that what it contained was a brush, now rusty, which angers Schwick who immediately tries to kill Courage and Muriel with his pet, but Courage takes Muriel and runs up the train to to the stage with Schwick chasing after him only to be trapped in a trombone with a kick and arrested by the police.


  • In the Japanese dub of Courage the Cowardly Dog, his name is Abu, short for Aburamushi, which is the Japanese word for cockroach.
  • Bushwick is the name of a real town in Brooklyn, New York. It is unknown why Schwick was named after the town he was born in. Though, his parents could've just been lazy, that is if Schwick has any.


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