The Scientist's technical wizardry allows him to warp in close to his enemies, where he can cause the most damage. He can also drop a Zombie Healing Station for himself and his teammates.
~ Scientist's stickerbook description.

The Scientist is one of the secondary antagonists of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. He is an undead scientist who takes part in fighting plants.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

The Scientist made his first appearance in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare as one of the playable characters on the Zombies' side. His primary weapon is the Goo Blaster.

In Battle for Neighborville, he is a playable character of the Support class.

Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes

The Scientist returned in Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes as two separate cards:

Gadget Scientist

Wishes the Mad Chemist would stop copying his hairstyle.
~ Gadget Scientist's card description.
Gadget Scientist is a Science Zombie of Brainy class. He costs 5, and his rarity is Premium - Rare. His strength and health are 2 and 3. When played, each Science Zombie does a bonus attack.

Mad Chemist

He's not so much "mad" as he is "mildly annoyed".
~ Mad Chemist's card description.
Mad Chemist is a Science Zombie of Brainy class based on the Chemist, one of the Scientist's variants. He costs 4, and his rarity is Premium - Super Rare. His strengths and healths are 3/4, and his trait is Gravestone (he hides in a gravestone until its time for tricks). When the players play their first trick each turn, he conjures another trick.


  • Chemist
  • Physicist
  • Dr. Toxic
  • Astronaut
  • Marine Biologist
  • Archaeologist
  • Dr. Chester
  • Paleontologist
  • Zoologist
  • Computer Scientist

Powers and Abilities

  • Goo Blaster: It is a slow, but powerful shotgun-like weapon that deals massive damage to plants in a short range.
  • Heal Beam of Science: This ability allows Scientist to heal a single zombie by connecting a small energy beam to his ally.
  • Warp: Scientist can teleport forward for a short distance to allow him to either close the distance between him and enemy plants to make his weapon more effective, or to warp to cover if the need arises.
    • Energy Warp: This variant of the Warp makes Scientst invulnerable to all forms of damage, however he is unable to use his weapon, abilities, or jump during this time.
    • Cheesy Warp: It is similar to the warp but it travels twice as far and can deal up to 30 damage at his destination, however he can only have one in reserve as opposed to the regular Warp's 2.

Healing Station

  • Zombie Heal Station: A healing station that can heal zombies around it and can deal miniscule damage to plants after its destroyed or it self-destructs.
    • Armored Heal Station: A station that is slower and doesnt last as long as its predecessor, but has significantly higher health than it.
    • Cheetah Heal Station: A Chester version of the Heal Station, it can heal zombies at a faster rate but self-destructs faster.
    • Armored Bling Station: It is exactly the same as the Armored Heal Station but it is golden.

Sticky Ball

  • Sticky Explody Ball: A ball that explodes and deals considerable damage to plants within its blast radius, however it can be set off from enemy fire, or after being untriggered for a while it detonates anyway.
    • Mega Heal Bomb: A ball that heals zombies within a large radius.
    • Sticky Cheetah Ball: A ball that deals more damage than the Sticky Explody Ball.


  • Sticky Healy Thingy: He throws a delayed explosive that sticks and heal all zombies in an area. It can stick to solid surfaces, allies, and even enemies
  • Healing Hose: A healing spray that heals all nearby zombies.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

The Scientist appeared in the Garden Warfare comics as one of the zombies who takes part in fighting plants.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Scientist appeared as a plush toy in the Crew Quarters of the Tempest.



  • It was revealed that Scientist's gadgets were created by himself. This could mean that he has some sort of intelligence, despite being a zombie.
  • One of his variants, the Computer Scientist, is the only non-party variant who plays a jam while using a special ability.
    • His special ability is Crunch Mode, which allows him to see enemies easier in digital form. Also, 8-bit Jam plays during this ability.
  • In Battle for Neighborville, if one looks closely, his name tag says Branez, which could be his real name.



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