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Final log. In relation: Experiment 1-0-0-6. The Prototype. Coordination and cooperation is evidently within his skillset, as well as the skillset of all other experiments of his type. Though still missing, today's events are no doubt in relation to him. His absence was a flaw in the scientific process which should have under no circumstances been left unaccounted for. That's why I'm making this log: So that the same mistake won't be made twice. Any future experiments will need to be contained and disposed of in a secure location. I'm not worried about myself. One breakthrough and I'll be back. We must forge onwards in the name of science. Whether those who are beneath us understand it or not! End of-
~ The Scientist in the first tape.

The Scientist is the posthumous secondary antagonist in the 2021 horror indie game Poppy Playtime. He is the creator of Huggy Wuggy and Experiment-1006, and is a delusional and ambitious Playtime CO. scientist working for Elliot Ludwig that had tortured and experimented on employees to create hostile and monstrous toys.

He is voiced by Michael Kovach, who also voiced Niles from SMG4 and N from Murder Drones.


The Scientist was employed at an unknown date, but presumably in the 60's/70's. He seems to be a very delusional and obsessed man that later would go on to torture multiple employees to create toys. His best example of how he tortured and experimented on someone to create a toy was Huggy Wuggy, who later go on to be a sadistic and homicidal monster, and it's thanks to him that Huggy is like that.

On the Black VHS, he is talking about Experiment-1006 and Huggy Wuggy. He states that the "prototype" and Huggy have escaped from the lab and is going on a rampage. He also claims, amid the sound of his fellow scientists being slaughtered, that his personal safety is unimportant and he will "be back" through some unspecified means. In the end, it is implied that he himself was killed.

In another VHS tape, he talks about how the prototype escaped and killed an employee. What he describes as an experimentation gone wrong, only caring that it did go wrong and not caring of the employee that was murdered. He states that Huggy and all the other experiments are better examples.


The scientist is obsessed with his work and actively tries to further what he can for science. He seems to have some courage as he stood his ground following the containment breach. He also seems to be highly arrogant and narcissistic, as he somehow believed that his work was for the greater good.


  • It's implied he creates most toys at Playtime CO.
  • It is highly possible that he's the scientist that turned Marie Payne into Mommy Long Legs, meaning that he's the sole overarching antagonist of Chapter 2, as he'd then be the cause that made her sadistic and hostile, and he'd be the main reason for Chapter 2's events to happen.

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