Scientist Cat is a member of the Fancy Feast Council and a major antagonist in the YouTube series, Politicats.


When Grey Cat inquired how Mittens 2.0's development was going, Scientist Cat informed him that they had perfected the joke function, though also that they were not done "de-Mormonizing" him yet.

After the Fancy Feast Council lost the presidential debate, Scientist Cat explained to Grey Cat, while being choked, how Schrodinger's Box would help them win the election.

Scientist Cat was among the council when they were met by a mysterious painting who told them of another world they could go to. Scientist Cat informed Grey Cat that the painting claimed to be controlling Mittens 2.0.

Scientist Cat was later left behind when the rest of the council set off for the other planet. Upon seeing that he had been abandoned, the Scientist Cat happily danced around and proclaimed "I'm free" before heading off to parts unknown.

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