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Scirocco Mole is Morocco Mole's self-described evil twin brother. He only appeared in the episode of the same name of Super Secret Secret Squirrel, where he was the main villain. According to a series of nesting flashbacks, Scirocco has somehow been evil at least since his and Morocco's parents met, leading up to him forcing Morocco to dress as his double while being pursued by Secret Squirrel. Scirocco dropped an elephant on the both of them, presumably killing them, showing Scirocco had no compulsions about sacrificing his twin brother to rid himself of Secret. He then crossed off his wallet photo of Morocco, alongside photos of several other moles that were similarly crossed out, implying that this is not Scirocco's first instance of siblicide. After thinking he had done away with Secret, he sought to steal the Royal Family Jewels, only to be stopped by Secret and Morocco. Scirocco tried to use his identical twin to his advantage again, confusing Secret as to which of them was which. His identity was revealed when Morocco's poor reflexes failed to catch one of two antique vases thrown by Secret, but he escaped with a rocket hidden in his turban.

Scirocco in disguise as the TV host.

His backstory was related by Secret while he and Morocco were on the gameshow "Platonic Partners", after Morocco failed to remember how they had met. However, the host turned out to be Scirocco in disguise when he trapped Secret and Morocco in their booth. He was finally apprehended after Morocco caught him unawares with a lit bomb, (as well as a box full of more, blowing up himself and Secret).

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