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I suppose any toy made out of the faces of those pathetic minions was bound to be flimsy. No matter. I trust you've warmed up? En garde!
~ The Scissors getting ready to fight Mario after he destroys the Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle.
All right! Enough. It was fun while it lasted... but your feeble attacks have grown tiresome. Let's CUT to the climax! Ha haa!
~ The Scissors promising to end the fight quickly when he enters his second phase.

The Scissors, also called The Duel-Bladed Duelist, is a major antagonist in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a member of King Olly's Legion of Stationery, guards the green origami streamer, and the fifth member of the Legion to fight Mario. He is a sentient pair of green scissors with a sinister amusement to cutting things. Scissors is fought in Bowser's Castle's throne room, where the green origami streamer appears.


Scissors started as an ordinary and harmless pair of scissors used for crafting origami. When King Olly betrayed the Origami Master that created him he took several of the Origami Master's tools and gave them sentience, including Scissors. Olly dubbed his new servants the Legion of Stationery and instructed each to guard the streamers that enveloped Princes Peach's castle, with Scissors sent to guard the green streamer at Bowser's Castle.

Scissors took over Bowser's Castle and sliced the remaining non-origami Koopa Troop members into pieces. When Bowser Jr. attempts to raid the castle to save his father, Scissors slices the youngster to pieces, although Mario, Olivia, and Kamek restore his condition by using the hot springs of Shangri-Spa.

After Mario defeats the Boss Sumo Bro. guarding Bowser's Castle and Handaconda, he discovers that Scissors decorated the castle with the cut-up remains of the Koopa Troop. Upon reaching Bowser's throne room with the imprisoned folded king pinned by a paperclip, Scissors attempts to kill Mario only for him to dodge his attack. Scissors claims that cutting Mario immediately wouldn't have been much fun and summons the Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle, using the faces of the Koopa Troop and Kamek as armor. Upon Mario removing its armor and destroying it, Scissors comes down to engage him.

At first, Scissors gives Mario the advantage by sheathing his blades with a plastic cover, claiming that it would be too easy to cut Mario instantly. Attacking the plastic cover immediately starts the second phase, so Mario should rely on attacking the handles. Upon enough damage, Scissors uncovers his blades and attacks the rings, destroying several symbols before charging up an attack. Only hammers are the best way to attack him while he is charging, as summoning the 1,000-Fold Arms makes Scissors block the attack, and he cuts up Mario if he jumps, dealing 999 damage to him and thus defeating him instantly. During his turns, Scissors performs a lunge at Mario, who must dodge the attack (which can break guards) by jumping to avoid immediate death. Note that Mario has a unique death animation for this attack: being sliced in half. Only by using the Ice Vellumental to freeze Scissors leaves him vulnerable to the 1,000-Fold Arms technique, where Mario can flip the frozen block to heavily damage Scissors.

Upon his defeat, Scissors simply falls over and explodes when Olivia pokes him. His death also restores the cut-up Koopa Troop and Kamek back to normal.

After Olivia's wish reverts her brother's actions, Scissors turns back into regular scissors.


Hmph! Well dodged. Of course, I expect nothing less. It would have terribly boring to end things so quickly, yes? Why don't you warm up a bit? I'll send out my new pet for you to play with.
~ The Scissors before summoning the Paper Macho Buzzy Beetle before he and Mario fight.
Let's get this straight: I WILL annihilate you... but I don't see why we can't have some fun first. After all, where is the challenge in slicing you to strips immediately? Therefore, I shall grant you... a slight advantage. (puts on cover) See? My blades have been sheathed. We're on equal footing. However! Should you damage this cover during our battle... I shall interpret such boldness as a direct challenge... and I won't hold anything back!
~ The Scissors sheathing his blades at the start of his battle.
I'm readying my ultimate attack! You won't stand a chance!
~ The Scissors while charging his ultimate attack, Final Cut, during his second phase.
Guarding is useless! This is the end for you, you flat fiends! FAREWELL!
~ The Scissors before unleashing his Final Cut attack.
HEY! (stammers) That's not fair! You can't jump OVER it! Ooh, you CHEATER! Stay right there! Let me go again...!
~ The Scissors' reaction to dodging his Final Cut.





  • Scissors strongly resembles the Scissors Thing from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


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