Scissors Jaguar is a Destron Inhumanoid who uses his scissor bladed-hands to kill his victims that causes them to dissolve and an antagonist in Kamen Rider V3.


Assuming the identity of a priest, Scissors Jaguar was sent by Destron to kill Junko Tama before she could expose Destron's existence. After Junko was taken in by Shiro and his family, Scissors Jaguar went to silence her, murdering Shiro's family in the process, but before he could kill Shiro and Junko he was driven off by the Double Riders. Scissors Jaguar later attempted to kill Tobei Tachibana, but was met with resistance by Kamen Rider V3 and was forced to flee. He later attempted to use Junko as bait to lure V3 into a trap, but his plan fails and Scissors Jaguar was destroyed by V3's V3 Revolving Double Kick.


Scissors Jaguar is warped scissor-bladed jaguar cyborg who can morph his hands into blades, the mastermind behind Shocker's nano-tech project who caused Kazami's transformation into V3. Based at the restaurant Legend of Gathering, Scissors Jaguar intended to turn all of Japan into cyborgs with the nanobots. However, his plans were foiled as he was killed by the Double Riders' Rider Double Kick and Rider Double Punch combo.



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