I dug up on my grave. Why? I'm going in the hole!
~ Scoop Banki's words before his death

The Scoop Banki is the main antagonist in episode 3 of the 2008 TV series Engine Sentai Go-Onger. He is a scoop-themed Land Barbaric Machine Beasts made by Land Pollution Minister Yogostein to attack Neo Tokyo Hills, tending to say "Kappore" (a meaningless word sung for rhythm) in his sentences.

He was voiced by Tamotsu Nishiwaki, who also voiced Ura in Gaoranger, and Cambrima from Kyoryuger.


The Scoop Banki made his first appearance as he is tunneling underground through the forest. So both Go-On Black and Green brought out their gear and forced the Scoop Banki to revealed himself. After that he then battled the team as he left the main core Go-Ongers trapped in a mound of dirt. After that he then tunneled back underground towards his target.

A while later the Scoop Banki has the Ugatz to plant these device that will cause a ruckus above them. Unknowingly the two Go-Ongers stumbled across his mining operation and attack them. Once the device is destroyed he used his own ability and buried the two Go-Ongers under a pile of rocks and then he was forced to use his own two hands to cause a cave in as he left the scene.

A while later he revealed himself as he attack ceremony for the opening of Neo Tokyo Hills however unknown to him the main core Go-Ongers beat him to it as they disguised themselves as visitors for foreign country and attack the robot. After they transformed and battle the Scoop Banki. After that he was then defeated by the teams Highway Buster.

However with the energy that's in him the Scoop Banki enlarged himself via Industrial Revolution prompting the core Go-Ongers to bring out Engine-O and battle him. After that the Scoop Banki is then scrapped by this finisher called Engine-O Go-On Grand Prix.

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