Scooter McAllister

Scooter McAllister is the secondary antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "This Savior, a Snitch". He is a student of X Middle School who is responsible for stealing lunches and selling them for Jamie Townsend.

He was voiced by Michael Welch.


Scooter was first seen trying to steal Jamie's lunch, but was caught in the act by Fillmore, who chased Scooter backstage during the macaroni art ceremony. To cover his escape, Scooter pushed the statue of Principal Folsom made of macaroni, resulting its destruction and letting Fillmore take the fall for it. Because of this event, Fillmore became on the verge of being expelled, much to his distraught.

Knowing that Jamie was with him during the attempted theft of the lunch, Fillmore begged him to vouch for him, but Jamie lacked the courage to do so. Eventually, Fillmore learned that another student named Augie had witnessed the statue being destroyed by Scooter, so Fillmore and Third decide to have him brought over for the incoming trial to prove Fillmore's innocence. However, Jamie lures Fillmore and Augie to a room, where he summons Scooter and his thugs to hold them prisoner. Fillmore soon learned that Jamie have been stealing lunches from other students and is trying to extort them for profit. Jamie also confessed that he hired Scooter and his friends to help him speed up the process and framed Fillmore for the destruction of the statue. Jamie then taunts Fillmore with the fact that since he got Augie to himself, Fillmore will be expelled and forced to leave the school. However, it turns out that Third was posing as Augie by switching clothes, allowing Augie to escape to the hearing and testify to prove Fillmore's innocence, much to Jamie's anger.

With Fillmore's innocence cleared, Scooter, Jamie, and their cohorts are detained and sentenced to either detention or suspension for their villainous actions.


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