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The Scorchbeasts are the primary antagonists of the 2018 online rpg Fallout 76


The Scorchbeasts are Bats mutated by radiation while the first (Potentially the Queen) was technically created before the war by a failed Enclave experiment. While most of the Enclave's leaders wanted to exterminate the beast Secretary Eckhart wanted to further study it in a controlled environment however his true goal was to raise the region's threat level to gain access to a nuclear armament after discovering the mutated colony Eckhart unwisely unleashed them on Appalachia as they began to break through the Earth through fissure sites. The beasts made quick work of the various groups inhabiting the region including forcing the Enclave into hiding where they were wiped out soon after until almost no human life remained and most of Appalachia's organisms were infected with fumes from a virus that the Scorchbeasts were carrying including humans.


Scorchbeasts are commonly encountered at fissure sites protecting the Ultracite ores. Scorchbeasts fly but can land they attack at melee distance with their claws and at a distance can unleash powerful sonic blasts.

The Scorchbeast Queen which is nested in Fissure site Prime is considered to be the main antagonist of the game and acts as the final boss during "Scorched Earth".


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