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Scorpion is a villain that is featured in the videogame The Amazing Spider-Man.


Scorpion was one of the many cross-species that were being tested on at Oscorp. After Gwen Stacy brought Peter to Oscorp, she and Peter were asked to help a few doctors move a container which had Scorpion inside to a sector in the tower.

Sensing Peter's cross-species blood, Scorpion broke out of the container, causing all the other cross-species to break out as well, and Gwen is bitten by Vermin (another one of Oscorp's creations) causing her to be infected. Later, all cross-species are now loose in Manhanttan.

After arriving at Oscorp Tower, Peter, now Spider-Man, takes an antidote made by Dr. Connors, Doctor Allistaire Smythe tests the antidote on himself, but ends up losing the use of his legs. After escaping Smythe's robots, Spider-Man is confronted by Scorpion and the two begin to battle, which ends with Spider-Man defeating Scorpion.

Later on, Spider-Man gets word that Scorpion is now in Manhattan, sighted near a construction site. Spider-Man quickly heads to the construction site and the two meet again on the nearby docks and finally get a rematch. Spider-Man once again defeats Scorpion, kicking him into a police van, ending Scorpion's rampage and taking him into an unknown place.

He later escapes and gets killed by Kraven the Hunter and was displayed as a trophy in Kraven's Loft.

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