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Scorpioness Najka is a supporting antagonist in Dark Souls II.


Scorpioness Najka and Manscorpion Tark were once human before being experimented by an unknown master who turned them into scorpion hybrids. After their master's disappearance, the two escaped to the Shaded Ruins, where they fell in love. But over time, Najka slowly began losing her mind due to her not being human anymore and became violent, starting a brutal conflict between her and Tark that lasted many years. When the player arrives, Tark beckons the player to stop Najka and put her out of her misery.

Najka can be found at the end of the Shaded Woods, guarding the entrance to the Doors of Pharros. She is slightly buried in the sand up to the torso, shooting magic arrows at the player until hit or approached. When emerged, Najka wields a large spear equipped that she may use to jab or swing at the player. She can also use her pinchers to strike the player or slam down her two stinger tails at them. She can also burry underground to strike from below, tracing her movements through small dust clouds that come from the sand. The attack can be avoided by running away from her or by standing on stone planks in the arena. When there is a distance between her and the player, Najka can cast soulmasses that home in on the player when she gets close enough.

Defeating Najka opens the way to the Doors of Pharros. Returning to Manscorpion Tark will make him reward the player with a Fragment Branch of Yore.





  • If Manscorpion Tark has been encountered before facing Najka, he can be summoned to aid in battle.
  • In New Game Plus, Najka drops the Southern Ritual Band+2.
  • The Scorpioness Najka Soul can be consumed for 8,000 souls or traded with Straid of Olaphis to obtain the Soul Shower spell.
  • While unknown who Tark and Najka's master was, some speculate that it may be Duke Tseldora given Tark's thanks for killing Freja. He could have also been Seath the Scaleless, who Freja was corrupted by, and shares similarities of Tark's description as one who hated those with what he lacked and drove himself mad.


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