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Villain Overview

The Scorpios rex are the main antagonists of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, appearing as a mentioned character in Season 1 and the unseen final antagonist of Season 2 before serving as Season 3's main antagonists.

This species is the first genetically-modified hybrid dinosaur in the world, preceding the Indoraptor and even the Indominus rex. They were known to be destructive to the ecosystem of Isla Nublar because of their unpredictable behavior, which make other dinosaurs act unnaturally as well. The first one was created by renowned scientist Henry Wu in the E750 project under the request of Eli Mills as a bio-engineered weapon, which Wu froze in a cryogenic chamber because of its unpredictable behavior. After it escaped, it asexually reproduced another one of its kind.



The Scorpios rex species was created by Henry Wu under Eli Mills' request after various tests in his lab during a project known as E750, which Mills planned to use for nefarious purposes. Wu also created an antidote for the Scorpios' venom, which he put in a medical kit. Wu supposedly planned to use the Scorpios rex for Jurassic World, but Simon Masrani objected to this, saying it was too hideous for the guests to see.

Later on, Wu discovered that the Scorpios is unpredictable as it can turn from passive to hostile rapidly, and Mills also objected to using the Scorpios, but only because its unpredictability would be a threat to his illegal activities. Wu was eventually attacked by the creature. Following the incident, Masrani told Wu to destroy the Scorpios rex specimen, but instead, Wu had his scientists, including Eddie, freeze the hybrid in one of his cryogenic chambers indefinitely so he can figure out the cause of its unpredictability, claiming that he wanted to relocate it somewhere so it wouldn't be a hazard to anyone else.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

When Brooklynn sneaks into Henry Wu's lab to reveal his private information to boost her online popularity, she finds a folder titled "E750 Clinical Trial Results", referring to the E750 project where the Scorpios rex was created. The creature was also indirectly mentioned by Eddie when he says that Wu was creating monsters.

Season 2

While the Camp Cretaceous campers are in a control center for Jurassic World, Kenji repeatedly pushes a button that causes the Scorpios rex's cryogenic chamber to heat up, and after Mitch and Tiff are killed, a Compsognathus destroys one of the tubes keeping the hybrid frozen, causing it to break free.

Season 3

Once free, the Scorpios rex reproduces asexually, resulting in the birth of another one. Despite being of the same kind, they hate each other and want to kill each other, and their very presence causes the ecosystem of Isla Nublar to be thrown into chaos. It kills a Ceratosaurus and destroys Mantah Corp's drone, and causes a Gallimimus stampede where it kills one of them with its poisonous spines, and drags the dinosaur's corpse up into a tree and eats it. Eventually, the Camp Cretaceous campers notice something wrong in the dinosaurs' behavior when Compies start avoiding the camp.

When a lightning storm arrives, the campers use a generator to electrify their fence so that the Scorpios can't attack them. However, it manages to jump over the fence and attack them anyway, at one point shooting its poisonous spines at Sammy's abdomen. When it prepares to kill the campers, lightning strikes one of the trees, causing the Scorpios to run from Camp Cretaceous as it can sense thermal radiation. It is due to the attack that Yasmina rushes off to get the antidote for the Scorpios rex venom and returns with the antidote, saving Sammy's life.

Later on, Darius and Ben are attacked by the Scorpios rex but are protected by Bumpy; when the creature attempts to attack Bumpy, her herd arrives to defend her from the Scorpios, which leaves because of it being unable to take them all at once. However, they are then attacked by another Scorpios rex, which tries to kill the other. Darius and Ben hide in one of Mr. Kon's limos, which is then knocked into a tree during the ensuing battle. Darius eventually concludes that, despite his love for dinosaurs, that the Scorpios rexes have to be destroyed, much to his own dismay. They find the other four campers and enter Jurassic Park's old visitor center, where they are attacked by one of the Scorpios rexes that bursts through the doors, while the other tries to get to them through the roof. The campers manage to topple one of the structures of the old Jurassic Park Visitor's Center, and they escape alongside Blue, while the two Scorpios rexes are crushed by the falling debris.


The Scorpios rex are theropods that look similar to the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor, but with crimson-red eyes, armored spines, brachycephalic muzzles, prominent overbites, jagged uneven teeth, short spurs growing out of the back of their heels and venomous quills on their heads, arms and tail due to their scorpionfish DNA. Like the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor, their hands have opposable thumbs and grasping talons while they also have raptorial claws on their feet which aid in arboreal locomotion.


The Scorpios rex is a creature who appears to suffer from neurological and respiratory ailments as its behaviour is calm and placid, before switching to hyper-aggressive. The hybrid can also easily get distracted by noise (mostly from other dinosaurs) and fire which can fascinate it, but there is a possibility that it may have used fire to warm up it's body temperature like other reptiles. The hybrid is so aggressive that it even causes it to attack its own offspring, as it was shown when both of them decide to violently fight each other to death twice.


Scorpios Black

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Scorpios Grey

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Powers and Abilities

Under the acknowledgement of Simon Masrani, Dr. Henry Wu attempted to make a hybrid dinosaur using scorpionfish DNA, making the Scorpios rex the first successful genetic hybrid dinosaur to be created under request of Eli Mills, preceding the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor.

  • Enhanced Strength: Due to being significantly larger in size, the Scorpios rex possesses large amounts of physical strength as it was strong enough to take down larger dinosaurs such as a Ceratosaurus, a Parasaurolophus, a Gallimimus and even a Brachiosaurus.
  • Enhanced Speed: Like the Indoraptor and Indominus rex, the Scorpios rex is extraordinarily fast as it was able to keep on slaughtering dinosaurs quickly while still chasing them.
  • Enhanced Agility: Despite its size and weight, the Scorpios rex appears to be pretty agile, seen while it was climbing high above from tree to tree and then jumps over an electrified fence.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Scorpios rex is shown to be extremely durable as it was able to survive multiple bites from Blue and the second Scorpios rex.
  • Poisonous Quills: Due to its scorpionfish DNA, the Scorpios rex has venomous quills which can detach and embed in an opponent's flesh.
  • Thermal Vision: As it is an expert hunter, the Scorpios rex is capable of using infrared vision, just like the Indominus rex.
  • Reproduction: The Scorpios rex is able to reproduce asexually by creating another individual of its kind.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Like the Indominus rex and the Indoraptor, the Scorpios rex seems to be a very intelligent creature.
  • Enhanced Senses: Because of its thermal vision, the Scorpios rex is able to see and sense the heat signatures in living organisms.
  • Stealth: Despite its larger size, the Scorpios rex is shown to be adept at stealth as it was capable of keeping itself hidden without anyone spotting it, even in dark conditions. This was shown when a Gallimimus didn't notice the creature right in front of it. The hybrid can also remain silent while on the trees so it doesn't ambush its victims.
  • Climbing: The Scorpios rex appears to be an expert at climbing, seen while hunting down a Gallimimus, and then destroying a drone.
  • Cunning: The Scorpios rex is shown to be cunning, seen when confronting Yasmina while she tries to get the antidote for it's poison, where at one point, she was trying to pick it up in front of the Scorpios. When the Scorpios is grinning intimidatingly, it is clear that the hybrid was daring Yaz to pick up the antidote and make a run for it.


  • In the Season 3 finale "Stay on Mission", Henry Wu confirms that the Scorpios rex name came from the scorpionfish, which also explains the quills on its tail.
  • Fans have opted to nickname both Scorpios rex individuals Scorpius Black and Scorpius Grey.
  • Scorpios rex is the third hybrid dinosaur in the Jurassic Park franchise, the first being the Indoraptor and the Indominus rex.
    • This also makes Dr. Henry Wu the father of the three. The oldest would be the Scorpios rex, the middle is the Indominus rex and the youngest is the Indoraptor.
  • Even though the Scorpios rex is extremely deadly, the species seems to have a weak spot:
    • Fire: When the original Scorpios rex confronted the campers, a tree was caught on fire by a lightning bolt. When it saw the flames, it just stood there staring at it even though the campers were right in front of it. But, after the flames vanquished, it resumed attacking the campers.
    • Noise: It seems to be attracted to noise, seen when the Scorpios rex was just about to kill the campers, but then left them after hearing sounds of dinosaurs at night, making it want to investigate.

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