I'm going to destroy them with my bare tentacles.
~ Scorpius.

Scorpius is an alien warlord and the main villain of the first half of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

He was voiced by Kim Strauss.


Scorpius kills zika

Scorpius kills Zika.

3000 years ago, Scorpius attacked the Magna Defender’s homeworld and killed his son, Zika. He began searching the universe for sources of power and eventually sent his general, Furio, to get the Quasar Sabers. However this quest resulted in the creation of Scorpius’ greatest enemy, the Galaxy Power Rangers. He later began sending his forces to Terra Venture to try and find the powerful Lights of Orion. However the Magna Defender appeared and began battling Scorpius as well, with the Lights eventually ending up with the Rangers, making them even more powerful than before. His daughter,Trakeena, often tried to participate in her father’s quest, but he tried to keep her out of battle as much as possible.

Scorpius eventually created a cocoon for his daughter that would transform her into a more insect like creature like him and increase her power greatly. Trakeena refused to enter it, since she didn’t want to lose her mortal beauty and when Scorpius attempted to force her, she ran away. Soon after, Deviot came aboard the Scorpion Stinger and he was appointed as the overlord’s new general. However he actually wanted to enter the cocoon in order to gain its power and plotted against his new master. Scorpius was eventually tricked by Deviot into believing that the Power Rangers were holding Trakeena hostage and he ambushed the rangers with an army of Stingwingers. Scorpius proved to be a challenging opponent, but the rangers eventually managed to grab his tentacles to hold him in place, allowing Leo to deliver the final blow. Now on the verge of death, Scorpius was about to give Deviot his place and have him enter the cocoon when Trakeena returned. After reconciling with his daughter, the insect overlord died giving her his powers by forming his remaining tentacle into a new staff for her.

Powers and Abilities

Scorpius is highly powerful despite lacking in mobility, possessing great strength. He could also fire energy blasts, a typical ability of Power Rangers villains.


  1. Magna Defender
  2. Zika
  3. Leo Corbett
  4. Kendrix Morgan
  5. Maya
  6. Kai Chen
  7. Damon Henderson
  8. Michael "Mike" Corbett


  • The monsters seen with Scorpius during his attack on the Magna Defender’s home planet are Radster, Sledge, Fishface, Impostra, Captain Mutiny and Motor Mantis.
  • Scorpius is one of the few male villains in Power Rangers not to have a counterpart in Super Sentai. Other examples include Lord Zedd, Ransik, and Emperor Gruumm.
  • The slime on Scorpius’ body is made from varnishing cream.


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