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Alright. I was out looking for that hidden immunity idol, not that they need to know. It's all part of my strategy: let my team lose so the Maggots develop a false sense of security before I pick them off!
~ Scott's plot to win Total Drama.
Sharks are nothing like pigs!
~ Scott's famous quote.
Oh... Ok. So maybe I have a phobia of sh-sh-sh-sharks. Can you blame me?
~ Scott's confession about his fears of sharks.

Scott is a supporting antagonist in the Canadian animated franchise Total Drama, serving as the main antagonist of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and a major anti-villain/comic relief in Total Drama All-Stars.

He is a farmer boy who joins Total Drama, bent on winning the million dollars prize like every contestant. However, like most antagonists, Scott is willing to play dirty so he can reach the finals and win the competition. However, after a brush with death in the fourth season, Scott displays a much softer side when he returns the following season. He is the archenemy of the mutant shark Fang, whom he stole a tooth from and creeps out every time he sees him.

He was voiced by James Wallis.


Scott is a devious teenager who will do anything to win since he has the ability to get people to do what he want them to do. His favorite music is Kan'Ya East, his favorite colors are blue and green, his favorite movie is Animal Place and he can eat anything as long as Chef Hatchet doesn't cook it. He once dreamed he tried to get rid of his team to win. His best childhood memory was the very first time he got his parents to argue. His most embarrassing moment at school was when he co-operated with someone else. He once had a lemonade stand, where he forced his neighbors to buy some. Scott likes telling people what to do, so in the future he would love to be a CEO.

He never seems interested to be with a girl, since loonies to the floor is just as fun to him. He later reveals the only relationship advice his father gave him was to "go Dutch" if he was in Holland with a girl, which would explain why he is not very indulgent in the romance department and is confused on how to act as a boyfriend. However, despite not being interested in a girl, Scott develops a short-lived romantic relationship with Courtney in Total Drama All-Stars, due to being attracted ton her bossiness (a trait he inherited from his parents' own bossiness). From his suffering at the hands of Fang from Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Scott also developed a phobia of sharks. Despite his evil actions, Scott semi-reforms when he attempts to warn Zoey of Mal's presence on the island, although this is mainly because, like Alejandro, Scott would rather give up his chances of winning by accepting his loss then let Mal win.


Scott may be a country boy who lives to scheme. In his biography, he names his favourite memory from childhood because the first time he caused an argument between his parents. "Scheming Scott", as Chris McLean calls him, is that the main antagonist of his debut season. He loves telling others what to try to, yet states that he enjoys taking orders also (albeit only from certain people). Throughout the season, Scott features a devious mind and makes his team lose intentionally. He is also shown to be highly petty as shown when he eliminates Mike after he no longer has anything to blackmail him with. Despite his manipulative nature, Scott doesn't appear to be particularly intelligent, as shown by his taunting of Fang, or his several injuries. However, in Ice Ice Baby, Dawn implies that Scott features a less devious side to him, which his nasty side is prominent thanks to "not being held enough as a child". Scott also shown miserable when he cried after nobody actually cares for him and laughing at him from his sufferings from Fang (except for Cameron who is the only one who hold sympathy for Scott despite of him being a jerk).

In Total Drama All-Stars, his better side is seen, and Scott's antagonistic role has shrunk by a large amount. His kinder and more bumbling side is exposed, and he begins to develop a crush on Courtney. From his suffering by Fang, Scott developed a phobia of sharks, which is shown when he wedged himself at the rock while refusing to jumping from the cliff into a shark-infested water. Like Duncan, Scott is intrigued by Courtney's headstrong personality and grows to understand her bossing him around. Scott still keeps his scheming side but to a lesser extent as he no longer tries to sabotage his team. He displays a weird habit of taking enjoyment in eating disgusting foods. He considers mouldy bread and dirt to be delicacies, even adding the latter as a frozen dessert topping. Scott has shown that he is often slightly lacking in intelligence sometimes, especially in terms of social skills thanks to his sheltered life. Such an example is in The Obsta-Kill Kourse when Mal lies that Alejandro Burromuerto purposely tried to "drive a wedge" between him and Courtney. In response, Scott is confused and asks if he means a wedge of cheese. However, it's possible that he's simply bad with metaphors.

Despite becoming nicer, Scott still tries to sabotage and cheat. However, unlike before, he didn't generally try to deeply hurt anyone. Furthermore, there have been times where his phobia of sharks ended up resulting in him becoming a hindrance to his team, as shown in the first challenge, when he refuses to jump.



  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Albertha/Al (sister)


  • Gwen


  • Silent B - former pawn
  • Brick - former pawn
  • Cameron
  • Chef Hatchet
  • Chris McLean
  • Courtney
  • Dawn (former pawn)
  • Fang (archenemy)
  • Sharks (after suffered by Fang)
  • Jo
  • Mal
  • Mike (formerly; currently neutral relationship)
  • Zoey (formerly; currently neutral relationship)





  • Scott was the fourth main villain of the Total Drama series, the others being Heather, Courtney, Alejandro, Mal, Scarlett, Jacques and Josee, (not counting Chris McLean, who is the show's host and not a competitor).
  • Both of Scott's eliminations are with someone else.
  • Scott is the one of only two characters that does not have black eyebrows, the other being Noah.
  • According to Todd Kauffman, Scott is described as the "new Duncan".
    • Due to the fact nobody feels sorry for his injuries, it's implied they found out he framed Dawn or hated him so much that they didn't even bother showing any sympathy.
  • However, Scott seems to share more similarities with Alejandro Burromuerto, his predecessor.
    • Both competed in two seasons.
    • Both were the main antagonists of the first season they competed in and relied on dirty tactics to make it far.
    • Both became much less evil in Total Drama All-Stars.
    • Both were injured so badly in their debut season.
    • Both were put into robot suits after their injuries.
    • Both were placed on the Villainous Vultures in Total Drama All-Stars.
    • Both were the contestants to found and use the McLean-Brand Chris Head Invincibility Statue.
    • Both have had romantic interactions with Courtney.
    • Both were the only two contestants to be exiled twice in Total Drama All-Stars.
    • Both of them are saboteurs.
    • Both became aware of Mal's existence and barely managed to warn Zoey about the threat before being sabotaged and eliminated. Although at one point Alejandro found out first and attempted to warn him about the threat, but to no approval. Scott only became aware after Mal betrayed him.
    • Both made it to the merge in both seasons they competed in.
  • Scott seems to be injured a lot during his confessionals.
  • Scott seems to have a conflict with the animals.
  • Scott is one of five contestants to live on a farm. The other four are Beth, Rodney, Sugar and Ezekiel.
  • Scott has caused the most eliminations in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island so far, and the third-highest amount of eliminations of any contestant in the series. He has directly or indirectly eliminated Dakota (both times), B, Dawn and Mike, and also played a role in the eliminations of Staci and Sam.
    • He is also the second contestant to get the same contestant eliminated twice in the same season. The first was Courtney in Total Drama Action, where she caused both of Owen's eliminations.
  • Scott is the third person shown to enjoy eating Chef's food. The others being Owen and Brick.
  • As seen in "Food Fright", Scott may have interest in Courtney finally making him the fifth main antagonist of a series to have an interest with another.
    • Scott and Courtney became a couple in "Zeek And Ye Shall Find" but only lasted two hours making this the shortest relationship ever in the series.
  • Scott has been injured more times than any other antagonist in the series. He is also one of the most unlucky contestants as far as injures go.
  • Scott appears in one Skatoony episode Amusement Park.
  • Following Total Drama tradition, Scott suffered a fitting punishment upon being eliminated in the season where he was the main villain; In Scott's case he was repeatedly beaten up by Fang leaving him in a life support suit albeit temporarily. That said, because the worst he did was use Mike before voting him off, many fans thought that his punishment was too harsh. Not helping is that even the most mild-mannered constants laughed at what happened.
    • Scott seems to have developed galeophobia/selachophobia, a fear of sharks, after this event.
    • However, since Cameron declared he would spend his winnings on all the other contestants in his ending, it is presumed this included Scott, so it appears Cameron is the only one with any sympathy towards him; also, when Cameron pins Lightning, Scott's green light blinks.

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