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Scott Anderson is a fictional character and major antagonist of Hollyoaks. He appeared as one of the main antagonists from November 2001 until the character's "death" in June 2004, before returning from the dead in February 2005 and reprising his role until his eventual departure from the programme.


Scott arrived in the village in November 2001, attending a party held by teammate Jason Cunliffe. At a bar, Scott attempted to flirt with an unimpressed Izzy Cornwell. He ended up getting into a fight with Luke Morgan, who stood up for Izzy. Scott and his thugs chased after Luke and Scott pretended to rape Luke, mocking Luke for his rape at the hands of Mark Gibbs in March 2000.

At the party, Scott continued to throw his weight around and flirted with Jason's girlfriend, Geri Hudson. After Geri discovered Jason's affair with journalist Alyson Turner, she flirted with Jason's friend, Eddie, who defended her from Scott.

Scott crashing his car.

After catching Geri naked after sleeping with Eddie, Scott attempted to force himself on Geri, who kicked him between the legs before fleeing. Later in the night, Scott met Luke's sister, Beth. He flirted with Beth and offered to take her home, but raped her. When Luke found out that something had happened to Beth at the party, he keyed Jason's car, threw a brick through the window of Jason's mansion and smashed Scott's car up with a metal pipe. A car chase ensued, where Luke unintentionally rammed Scott's car off the road, causing Scott to collide with a tree whilst swerving out of the way of roadworks. He managed to catch up to Luke, but Jason's manager, Dion, managed to calm the situation.

Beth eventually told Luke that Scott had raped her, and Luke encouraged her to go to the police. She did and Scott was arrested. Alyson decided to help Beth get Scott sent down. However, at Scott's trial, it was revealed that Beth had been coached in her responses. This, combined with a lack of evidence, lead to the jury returning a not guilty verdict.

Beth then sought revenge on Scott by setting his house on fire. She witnessed Scott making unwanted advances on Izzy, and drove her car towards him in an attempt to scare him. However, her brakes failed and she ended up hitting Scott. Scott sustained injuries that lead to him being unable to play football professionally anymore, and Beth was arrested for attempted murder.

At Beth's trial, her solicitor brought up Beth's rape accusation and heavily questioned Scott in an attempt to get a confession. Scott snapped and revealed that he raped Beth, for which he was charged with perjury. Beth's charge was reduced to dangerous driving, but she received a six month imprisonment sentence, whilst Scott only received a suspended sentence.

Scott purchased the local nightclub The Loft, where he turned to crime after being unable to play football professionally. He took a liking to Ellie Hunter, whom he employed at the club. Not long after Scott began running the club, the body of a young woman was discovered near The Loft, with another body having been discovered in the dumpster outside The Loft five months earlier. When a third body was discovered near the club in January 2003, Scott was arrested. He initially gave a false alibi, until it was revealed to have been false. Scott admitted that at the time, he had been sleeping with sixteen year old Steph Dean. The serial killer was later revealed to be Toby Mills, Ellie's husband and one of Scott's employees.

When Izzy began a relationship with Ben Davies, Scott began a rivalry with Ben. He tried to convince Izzy to choose him over Ben, but this only pushed Izzy closer to Ben. Scott discovered that Ben and Izzy were engaged and were set to marry two months later, and failed to convince Izzy to change her mind. Scott later discovered that Emma Chambers was pregnant with Ben's baby and told Izzy, who jilted Ben at the altar. However, to Scott's disappointment, Izzy returned to the church and she and Ben married. Izzy and Ben later split after Emma gave birth to a son, Arthur. Izzy slept with Scott to sever all ties with Ben, and left the village.

Scott ended up getting Matt Musgrove in on his crimes, when Matt came looking for a job. Matt vented to Scott about struggling to fund his wedding to Chloe Bruce as Chloe had an expensive taste. Scott decided to get Matt involved in his counterfeit cash scam, which Matt initially agreed to. When Matt changed his mind and tried to back out, Scott attacked him. Eventually Chloe learned of the scam and Scott managed to shift all of the blame onto Matt, who was arrested for the crime.

Scott employed Darren Osborne, who decided to get revenge on him for getting Matt sent down for the scam. Whilst Scott was distracted by Izzy, Darren began a credit card scam at The Loft, and later called the police. Scott was arrested whilst trying to follow Izzy out of the village. He was released on bail, and realised that Darren had set him up. He lured Darren to The Loft and started his plan to get revenge.

Darren pushing Scott over the balcony.

Scott lured Darren to The Loft, where he locked the doors, trapping Darren. He then set fire to the club, having poured petrol over the downstairs room. Darren attempted to escape and a fight ensued, in which Darren pushed Scott, who fell over the balcony and down the stairs. Scott, trapped, pleaded with Darren to help him. However, Darren took the keys from Scott's jacket and escaped. The fire crew searched the building, but did not find a body.

In February 2005, Darren began receiving calls from a loan shark. Darren, Ben and Russ Owen met with the loan shark, and discovered that it was Scott. The trio were kidnapped, but Ben and Russ were later released. Scott kept Darren hostage and tortured him. Ben convinced Russ to call the police, and they arrived just as Scott was attacking Darren. Scott was then arrested.