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Scott Ridley

You should understand you're one of us now.
~ Scott Ridley to Hayden Cale, speaking for fellow Chaank board members.

Scott Ridley is a executive officer working for Chaank Industries and a minor villain in the 1994 British-American sci-fi/horror movie Death Machine.

He was portrayed by Richard Brake.


Scott Ridley is the head of the board of directors at the Chaank Industries and their official public spokesperson. He always speak on the corporation's behalf.

During the Hardman incident, he tries to cover things up. Meanwhile, his reluctant employer, Hayden Cale demands immediate and full public disclosure. She also wants Dante, who developed Project Hardman, fired. No one seems to care about the situation, besides Dante himself, who takes an eerie interest in Cale. Meanwhile, Cale wants to know what Dante is secretely working on in Vault 10. He never submits progress reports and is far from cooperative. Ridley, who is scared of Dante, refuses to help. He tells Cale that her recently deceased predecessor took interest in Dante's work and soon had a deadly accident at the corporate headquarters. During the conversation she lifts his access card so she can investigate on her own.

Somehow, Dante finds out that Cale has his card and confronts Ridley about it. He told him about the mysterious invention of his that killed the recently deceased Chaank CEO. He then sent his machine to chase after Ridley. Ridley tries to escape the menacing metallic creation, but it already found him using its sensors programmed on pheromones based on fear, and killed him.

Carpenter calls Cale after finding Ridley's mutilated body which had an implanted life-sign transmitter. By the time they got there the next day, they saw a gruesome sight of what happened to Ridley.



  • Scott Ridley's name is a pun on the name of movie director Ridley Scott, creator of Alien, Legend and Prometheus.
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