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Scott Tibbs is a minor antagonist in the Saw franchise. He was mentioned in the first Saw film and starred in The Scott Tibbs Documentary. He is a egotistical sociopath who admires Jigsaw and dreams to impress him. He was best friends with Adam Stanheight, although it's mentioned that he was perhaps a abusive or toxic friend. His fate by the end of The Scott Tibbs Documentary is left ambiguous.

He is played by Zach Starr, in his first villainous role.


Early Life

Scott was best friends with Adam Stanheight, since he was a child. However, it's possible that he was a toxic or abusive friend. It's mentioned that Scott stabbed Adam with a rusty nail at his sixth birthday. Scott eventually formed a band, "Wrath Of The Gods", that Adam can be seen dispensing flyers for.

The Scott Tibbs Documentary

After Adam's disappearance, Scott eventually came to the conclusion that he was most likely dead. As he suspected the serial killer Jigsaw, he didn't care much about Adam but became obsessed with the killer and started to admire him. Therefore, he and his rock band, "Wrath of the Gods", decided to film a documentary to find out more about the killer. Shortly afterwards, a friend of his, Mr. D, called him to the Wilson Steel Plant. When Scott arrived there, the whole plant had been secured by the Metropolitan Police Department. Mr. D, who had been waiting for him, told him that the police had supposedly caught the Jigsaw Killer.

However, the latter had managed to escape. Detective Jenkins, who gave a press conference outside the building, confirmed these events and told the public that the killer had been identified as John Kramer and advised them to come to the police if they had any information about him. Furthermore, he revealed that Jigsaw, while eluding custody, had taken the lead detective, Eric Matthews, as his hostage. Therefore he sent an appeal to John to show mercy with Eric just like he had shown mercy with his son, Daniel Matthews, who had been one of his victims as well but was released by him. Upon hearing the news, Scott continued his research about Jigsaw and thereby found out about his cancer, which was one of his motivations for testing his victims' will to live. Additionally, Scott managed to arrange an interview with Detective Jenkins in his office. The detective told him that John and Eric had left the building in a hidden elevator and had already been escaped when the reinforcements arrived. Scott tried to provoke the detective by asking him what Eric had done wrong in order to become a target of Jigsaw, as Jigsaw only selected morally corrupt people. Therefore, the detective became angry and ended the interview.

Shortly afterwards, Scott went to a hospital and asked a doctor to learn more about what it takes to survive a potentially life-theratening situation that Jigsaw forced his victims to go through. Due to his strange behavior, the doctor decided to end the interview as well. However, Scott coincidentally found out that Daniel Matthews had been taken to the same hospital. Therefore, he hid his camera inside his bag and went to room 8502, pretending to be Daniel's cousin. When he believed to be unwatched, he knocked on the door and asked Daniel if he could come in. However, he was soon caught by a nurse and a security guard who forced Scott to leave the building, which he eventually did. As he was highly unsatisfied with his visit at the hospital, Scott decided to interview random people on the streets and asked them about their opinion on Jigsaw. However, as they felt harassed by him and thought that Jigsaw's deeds were morally wrong, they denied to grant him interviews as well. This made Scott even angrier and caused him to make a fatal decision: in order to prove that Jigsaw was right and that surviving his games would make his victims appreciate their lives, he wanted to test himself.

Along with his friends, he built a primitive trap on his own. While being duct-taped to a chair, Scott had to shove his fingers into a shredder placed behind him. If he didn't managed to do so, an axe would swing down from the ceiling and hit his chest. After testing the trap, Scott told his friends to duct-tape him, but after doing so, they gagged him and left the room. Therefore, Scott started to panic. He managed to free his hands, but was still held back by the tape around his chest. In his fear and anger, he yelled at his friends and threatened them. As they took the camera with them when they left the room, it remained unknown if Scott survived his trap.


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