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Scotty is the secondary antagonist in the horror movie The Evil Dead. He is the last person to be possessed by The Evil Force.

He was portrayed by Hal Delrich/Richard DeManincor.


Scotty was the one who rented an abandoned cabin in the woods. Scotty was bit of a bully and teased Cheryl Williams frequently. After having to kill a brainwashed version of his girlfriend, he wanted to escape and didn't care about the others' fates, after being injured by Evil Trees when he tried to find a way around the destroyed bridge, Scotty died from his injuries.

Near the end of the movie, Scotty becomes an evil zombie. With the help of Cheryl, he tried to kill Ash, but he was killed when Ash destroyed the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.


  • Scotty is the counterpart of Eric.
  • How the Evil Trees attacked Scotty is not seen in the movie.
  • Scotty is one of the villains who had one of the most gruesome and violent deaths in the franchise: He first died by blood loss and later died again due his dead body decomposing and rotting rapidly.