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Raidrise! Scouting Panda! There is nothing unknown to his eyes.
~ Transformation announcement via Raidriser

The Scouting Panda Raider is the main antagonist in episodes 26 and 27 of the 2019 TV series Kamen Rider Zero-One.

His true identity is Daiki Kyogoku, the chief of Zaia Enterprise's Research and Development department, who used the Raidriser and the Scouting Panda Progrise Key to become the Raider to ensure ZAIA's victory in the fourth round of the Workplace Competition against Hiden.

Physical Appearance

The Scouting Panda Raider looks like a robotic version of a panda wearing a set of night vision goggles and is armed with a laser rifle called the Dead Monochrome where he used it, both in combat, and to start a fire to sabotage a pretend fire fighter rescue competition. His finisher is called Scouting Bolide.


By the fourth round of the Workplace Competition, only one more win was needed by ZAIA in order to claim victory over Hiden Intelligence. To help ZAIA win, Daiki Kyogoku secretly took a RaidRiser and the Progrise Key to become the Scouting Panda Raider so he could sabotage the competition. While the fourth round was initially only meant to be a simulation of a fire, the Scouting Panda Raider attacked the building and caused a real fire to erupt, elevating the competition to an actual emergency.

The Scouting Panda Raider was eventually caught by Aruto Hiden and Isamu Fuwa, who discovered his true identity as a member of Zaia. The two brought Daiki with them to confront Gai, at which point Daiki admitted to his boss that he had sabotaged the competition in order to help Zaia. However, Gai was able to seize the ZaiaSpec containing the evidence and destroy it before charges could be pressed. However, knowing that the information would cause a scandal if it ever got out, Gai agreed to concede victory to Hiden in exchange for them keeping quiet, allowing Hiden Intelligence to win the round and gain their 2nd point, tying the competition.





Scouting Panda Raider


  • The Scouting Panda Raider is the first panda-themed monster since the Press Smash from the 2017 TV series Kamen Rider Build.


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