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The Scranton Strangler is a serial killer and antagonist of the NBC sitcom known as The Office. His real name is believed to be George Howard Skub. Though not introduced in the earlier seasons, the strangler is the closest thing to the  true villain (being a serial killer) in the series. 

He is portrayed by ?????.


The Strangler began his spree before Season 6. The Scranton Strangler is first mentioned makes in Season Six. In the same season many remarks and comments are made about him. It is clear he is free to kill and terrorize Scranton.

In Season Seven he is eventually captured after a stand-off with police.

In the same season series supporting character, Toby is summoned to served as jury to try the Strangler for his crimes. He plays a role in the killer's execution, but Toby remarks to his co-workers, after returning to work, that he isn't so sure that is is guilty.

When Oscar admits that the numbers he handed in to Toby were false and he simply did it because he wanted to frame Kevin, Toby suddenly becomes worried and admits to Oscar that when he was on the Scranton Strangler jury he was pressured to convict him despite believing he may have been innocent (The Boat).

Toby notes that it is the anniversary of the trial of the Scranton Strangler (and reveals his real name). Nellie, who has never heard of him, listens to Toby tell his story of when he was on the jury. Toby reveals how he did his own research on finger printing and began to think that he was innocent (Dwight Christmas).

Toby mentions his suspicions about the strangler trial, at which Nellie expresses irritation at his lack of action. He decides to travel to the prison to confront the strangler about his belief, but when speaking to the strangler, Toby is attacked, leaving him with damaged vocal cords and a neck brace. This confirms that he was the strangler and Toby was wrong in his suspicion that he was innocent. (Moving On)


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