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Scrap-Iron is a recurring antagonist of the G.I. Joe series. He is Cobra's anti-armor specialist serving for Cobra Commander.


Sunbow series

Scrap-Iron first appeared in the series, where he is revealed to be the inventor of the B.A.T.S. (short for Battle Android Troopers). When Doctor Mindbender conspires with Destro and Tomax and Xamot on creating the Cobra Emperor Serpentor, Cobra Commander sabotaged the first attempt with a mutated virus, Scrap-Iron told Doctor Mindbender about it in exchange for 1 million of gold serpentines.

However, Scrap-Iron stopped Cobra Commander from sabotaging it, enabling Serpentor to be born. While Serpentor was battling Sgt. Slaughter and the G.I. Joe members that came to rescue him, Scrap-Iron was paid by Cobra Commander to reprogram the B.A.T.S in order to attack Serpentor. Scrap-Iron takes part in Serpentor's invasion of Washington DC where he attacks the White House only to learn that the President and the Vice-President have escaped before reporting Destro and Baroness.

G.I. Joe: Renegades

In the series, Scrap-Iron is a scientist at M.A.R.S. Industries who captured war veterans from the streets in order to brainwash them and test their new exo-armors and power their rage, on behalf of Destro while posing as a preacher offering war veterans coffee.

When the Joes arrived and disabled the controls on the exo-armor, Roadblock battle against Destro and Scrap-Iron as they tried to escape in their helicopter. Roadblock managed to deflect the missile back at the helicopter, injuring the right side of of Scrap-Iron's head. In the episode "Castle Destro", Scrap-Iron's right head is still burned as he and Destro work on the Bio-Dag rocket, which was later destroyed by Duke. As such, Scrap-Iron is forced to escape with Destro and Baroness.


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