Scratch Stitch & Ai

Scratch is an alien created by a cube sent by the Jaboodies to be brother for Stitch. It is because of this that Scratch is not an experiment.


Scratch's resembles an similar appearance to Stitch with pale green fur, tiger stripes, curved antennae and bigger pointier spines. Both his ears more cuts than Stitch's.


Scratch possess the power of telekinesis. He can use his antennas to shoot a green ray that can materialize anything his mind thinks of. He can also instantly repair whats been broken and transform machinery. As a morph creature, Scratch can change his appearance at will.


He first appeared in episode "Brothers". Stitch and Ai both wished for a brother so they touched a prism Pleakley found and it instantly created Ling and Scratch. Stitch, Ai, Ling and Scratch all had fun playing games and enjoyed each others company. Meiying and her friends showed up and Ai introduced Scratch and Ling. Ai suggested they play a game of double dutch and Meiying agreed. It is revealed that Scratch is actually a morphing alien. He was sent by Jaboodies to activate Stitch's metamorphosis code so they could use him in their war against the Wulagongs.


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