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Apapapapapa! Check it out!
~ Scratchmen Apoo's laugh and catchphrase.
If you wanna fight, why not wait until we've gotten past the wall? Don't you know how strong I am?
~ Scratchmen Apoo confronting Eustass Kid on Sabaody Archipelago.
You are so naive. Did you think our alliance had the power to take down one of the Four Emperors? Get real! Pirate alliances seldom have a happy ending.
~ Scratchmen Apoo to Eustass Kid when confronted about his betrayal.

Scratchmen Apoo, also known by his epithet "Roar of the Sea" is the captain of the On Air Pirates, an informant for the Beast Pirates, and an antagonist in the manga and anime series One Piece. He is a member of the Longarm Tribe and a pirate captain native to the grand line. He is one of the twelve pirates known as "The Worst Generation", and along with them arrived at Sabaody Archipelago shortly before the Paramount War. He serves as a supporting antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.

He is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono in Japanese and the late Brad Venable with replaced as Brent Mukai in English.


Apoo is a man with a love for music and a highly energetic and joyful personality. He is often seen dancing and singing, and he is greatly engaged in the festivities of the Fire Festival.

He has also shown a opportunistic and deceiving side, as he willingly pretended to be interested in making a pirate alliance with the Kid Pirates and the Hawkins Pirates, only to actually be intending to forcefully have them join Kaido's crew.



Apoo initially appears to be on good terms with his superior officer, with Queen calling him his "brother", and personally having him perform as as DJ during the Fire Festival. This all appears to be superficial however, as Queen does not hesitate to put Apoo in an extremely dangerous situation by putting him in a locked room with the Ice Demon Virus, and giving him the only antidote so he becomes a huge target for everyone. He even threatens to kill him if he loses the antidote

Eustass Kid

Apoo and Kid have had a rivalry ever since they first met each other on Sabaody Archipelago. They nearly fought each other, but agreed to postpone any conflicts until the New World.

After the timeskip, Apoo enrages Kid when he arrives at his hideout to discuss an alliance and beats up one of his men on suspicion of him being a sniper. After making an alliance, they appear to get on better with each other, but their relationship is quickly destroyed when Apoo reveals himself to be working for the Beast Pirates and betrays the alliance. Later when Kid confronts him about it on Onigashima, Apoo mocks Kid and calls him naive for ever believing in the alliance in the first place.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the twelve rookie pirates to achieve a bounty of over one-hundred million berry before reaching the new world, Apoo is a powerful combatant and pirate captain. He managed to achieve a bounty of one-hundred and ninety-eight million berry before reaching the Sabaody Archipelago, which means his exploits in paradise were enough to earn significant attention from the marines.

Musical talent

Apoo has shown to be a very talented musician. He got on good terms with Queen because of these skills, and he was shown being a DJ during the Fire Festival in Onigashima.

Physical abilities

Apoo has shown to be extraordinarily nimble and agile.

Devil Fruit Abilities

Apoo has the powers of the Oto Oto no Mi, which allows him to turn any part of his body into an instrument and use the sound generated by these instruments as a weapon. If a person hears a sound attack directed at them, they will explode which causes heavy damage and even managed to temporarily knock out Monkey D. Luffy. While powerful, a glaring weakness this fruit has is that his attacks need to be heard to have an effect. This means that the effects of the fruit can be annulled by sufficiently covering one's ears.



Apoo was born on the Grand Line as a member of the Long-Arm tribe twenty-nine years before the start of the series. At around the same time as Luffy, he formed his pirate crew and set sail on the grandline. He would eventually accumulate a bounty of one-hundred and ninety-eight million and become known as one of the eleven "Supernovas".

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

He eventually reaches the Sabaody Archipelago at the same time as the other ten Supernovas. Apoo engages in a skirmish with Eustass Kid, but then tells Eustass to postpone any fighting until the New World, and the two go their separate ways. He later bears witness to Roronoa Zoro walking in the path of Saint Charloss, and is shocked by his defiance and the killing intent radiating from him.

Later when he hears news of Luffy assaulting Saint Charloss, he is reluctant about leaving as he speculates that the Marines will only go after Luffy and his crew.

While Kizaru is engaging in combat with Hawkins and X Drake, Apoo suddenly appears on a rooftop and prepares to attack the admiral, who is sliced in half by a strong explosive attack. Apoo then tries to flee the scene, but is quickly defeated as Kizaru reconstitutes with his logia powers and kicks him downwards at light speed.

Marineford Arc

He somehow managed to avoid marine capture and is seen watching Ace's execution in Sabaody. When the feed gets cut off, he correctly deduces that it's because something is occuring that the marines doesn't want the public to see.

Along with his fellow Supernovas, he later sails towards Marineford to watch the closing stages of the battle. He wonders what motive Trafalgar Law could have for saving Monkey D. Luffy.

During the timeskip

Some weeks later, he is shown to have entered the new world, and is alongside his crew being chased by some large boars on an unspecified island. They eventually reach a cliff, and Apoo is surprised to discover that they can apparently run on air on that island. He thinks they have escaped the boars, but unfortunately they can also run on air, so the chase continues. It is unknown how they solved the problem, but Apoo and his crew manage to escape the situation mostly unharmed.

At some point, he enters Big Mom's territory but is forced to flee, and later joins forces with Kaido.

Punk Hazard Arc

Apoo appears at the hideout of the Kid Pirates, having been invited along with Basil Hawkins to discuss forming a potential alliance. He wrecked havoc on the base, claiming to be making certain that there aren't any snipers waiting to take him out. This enrages Kid, and the two nearly engage in combat until Killer diffuses the situation.

Dressrosa Arc

Apoo is eating along with Hawkins, Kid, and Killer and are discussing the news of Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law's pirate alliance managing to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo. They correctly assume that the alliance is targeting Kaido because of Doflamingo's connection to the Emperor, and are pleased about that revelation as they are instead targeting the Emperor "Red-Hair" Shanks.

Suddenly they hear a loud crash outside their base and go to investigate. They then discover that none other than Kaido himself landed on the island after attempting to commit suicide by jumping from the sky island Balloon Terminal. Hawkins, Kid, and Killer prepare to engage in combat, while Apoo soon reveals his allegiance to the others. The three are quickly defeated, and Hawkins surrenders to Kaido and joins his crew, while Kid and Killer refuse and are subsequently captured by the Beast Pirates.

Zou Arc

After Jack and his fleet were annihilated by Zou, Apoo contacted Kaido and reported that they had lost contact with Jack's fleet.

Wano Country Arc

Apoo is first shown returning to Wano alongside the numbers and reporting it to Kaido in preparation for the Fire Festival.

Later during the celebration on Onigashima, he is shown acting as the DJ for the crew. During the alliance's assault on Onigashima, he engages Luffy and Zoro in combat who are taken aback by his ability and are damaged. Before he can continue fighting, he is interrupted by Kid who slams him against a wall with an attack and demands to know his motive for his betrayal. Apoo calls him naive for this, and states that it was foolish to think their alliance ever had any chance of defeating an emperor, and that pirate alliances rarely end well.

Apoo manages to break free and tries to attack them again, but it has no effect, as they cover their ears because Killer has told them his power's weakness.


  • Scratchmen Apoo is named after the nineteenth century Chinese pirate Chui A-Poo.
  • His devil fruit has the longest gap of all fruits between being introduced and being named.

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