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Screaming Death! I LOVE IT!!!
~ Tuffnut upon seeing and naming the Screaming Death.

The Screaming Death is a major antagonist of Dragons: Defenders of Berk. It is a giant species of dragon that is revealed to be a subspecies or a mutated version to the Whispering Death. However there is only one Screaming Death and it is born every one hundred or so years. The Screaming Death has all the strengths of its subordinate cousin, the Whispering Death, with none of its weaknesses. It is the most powerful dragon Berk has faced since the Red Death.


The Screaming Death appears to be a mutated, albino Whispering Death. It is pure white, has large blood-shot red eyes, a much longer and more massive body and tail than a normal Whispering Death. It also has three rows of razor-sharp teeth, but they are aligned differently than those of the Whispering Death, set in a chin reminiscent of the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus. Like the Whispering Death, the Screaming Death can tunnel underground and can shoot spikes from its body, although the tunnels they create and the spikes it launches are much larger in size.

But unlike the Whispering Death, the Screaming Death can shoot explosive balls of fire not, unlike a Night Fury, but similar to a mortar. During this, the Screaming Death can also release fire from behind its frill. Screaming Deaths can also breath concentric rings of fire that match the round shape of their own mouths. These are identical to the fire rings used by the Whispering Death. The Screaming Death's fire breath is very similar to a gun, as it fires small shots in quick succession and its frills flash with each shot which would be comparable to muzzle flash. Another difference between the Screaming Death and the Whispering Death is that the Screaming Death is attracted to sunlight as opposed to having an aversion.

The Screaming Death appears to have incredibly tough and strong scales, the thickest of any dragon. The scales appear to give it extreme protection against most attacks, including an average-powered Night Fury plasma blast barely affected it, as well as Nadder spines and many other types of firepower. Furthermore, their scales are dense enough as to be impenetrable by Dragon Root-tipped arrows, making the Screaming Death one of the very few dragons indirectly immune to its effects. Though they have the toughest skin of nearly any dragon, the Scauldron's hot water blast can create enough heat to rip the scales off the Screaming Death.

This powerful dragon earned the name; Screaming Death, due to its incredibly disorienting roar that can affect the flight of any other dragons. The Screaming Death is capable of using it's sonic roar to control other dragons to a certain degree. The group of dragons under the Screaming Death's command are known as Exiles; dragons that followed the giant dragon after it destroyed their islands. However, Screaming Deaths can be controlled by larger Alpha Dragons, such as the Bewilderbeast and it can only command it's siblings. This ability most likely applies to the Screaming Death being the biggest among its brood, so he holds command over his Whispering Death siblings and can summon them to its aid with his scream. This ability doesn't seem up effect the Whispering Death parent, as when the mother of the brood comes the Screaming Death immediately yields/gives up the command to her.



When Savage and several other Outcast members return to Berk to check on the eggs of the Whispering Deaths, they noticed that the eggs have just hatched in the caves beneath the village. But much to Savage's surprise, one of the eggshell remains was truly massive. They also noticed that a hole in the ceiling that the infant was burrowing. The hole was roughly the size of an adult Whispering Death tunnel, but since the dragon had just hatched they assumed that the infant dragon came from a Screaming Death egg.

Screaming Death Emerging

Later on, the Screaming Death emerged right underneath Berk. It acted as the leader towards the Whispering Deaths. It attacked Berk along with the other hatchlings. The Screaming Death proved to be a very powerful dragon, to the point where the dragon's roar caused the other dragons to have flight issues. While confronting the mighty dragon, Hiccup eventually discovered that the Screaming Death was attracted to the light off Hiccup's shield. So Hiccup decided to use the discovery to his advantage, by luring the dragon into ramming into one of the rock pillars. As a result, one of its wings got caught on a large rock and was injured. The Whispering Deaths take the Screaming Death away from Berk and nurse it back to health. However, Hiccup becomes concerned that the Screaming Death may return, noting that Whispering Death hatchlings are very territorial of their birthplace, and seeing how the Screaming Death is a sub-species of the Whispering Death, chances are it will return.

The Return of Screaming Death

The Screaming Death started to grow bigger and more intelligent and went out destroying islands that other dragons inhabited. After destroying all the islands, the Screaming Death then set out to destroy Dragon Island. Hiccup and Toothless tried to distract the Screaming Death away from Dragon Island by shining the light of his shield at it. The Screaming Death was distracted temporarily before turning back to Dragon Island. Hiccup then shines the light at the Screaming Death's eye to get its attention again but the Screaming Death, now immune to the light, merely whacks Hiccup and Toothless with its tail and continues flying. Astrid and Stormfly managed to get its attention by firing two fireballs at it. Fishlegs and Meatlug arrive with wild Gronckles whose island the Screaming Death had destroyed. They attack the Screaming Death continuously until it digs its way into the island. Hiccup and Toothless follow the Screaming Death where they found out that it is trying to sink the island from within. Hiccup and Toothless lure the Screaming Death up to the surface where it is then attacked by the riders and other wild dragons whose islands were also destroyed by the Screaming Death. Outnumbered, the Screaming Death retreats. Hiccup then tells the group that the good news is the Screaming Death hatches only once every hundred years but the bad news is that it is still alive and someday, it will return to Berk.

In "Cast Out Part I", the Screaming Death attacks Snotlout and Hookfang and would have killed Snotlout had Alvin the Treacherous not saved him. It was later seen smashing out of a sea stack.

In "Cast Out Part II", the Screaming Death was found by Fishlegs while he and Meatlug were out on patrol. Hiccup later finds out the reason that the Screaming Death is destroying the islands and sends airmail back to the Academy. Later, Fishlegs uses the dragon root to lure the Screaming Death to Outcast Island. It almost ate Fishlegs, but he escaped. As the Berserker training academy was falling down, the Screaming Death saw its mother, however it returned to attacking after Dagur had captured her. Eventually, the Screaming Death's mother is freed, and she and his siblings fly out to meet with him. The Screaming Death gave one last roar of thanks to Hiccup, then left with its family. It was later added to the Book Of Dragons by Fishlegs.

Several years after the war against Dagur the Deranged, the Screaming Death and his family have settled on their own island. Hiccup and Snotlout journeyed to the island to acquire his shed scales to protect their dragons from the Dragon Hunters, but the Screaming Death attempted to chase them out until his mother scolded him.

The Screaming Death was one of the dragons that responded to the Berserker Bewilderbeast's distress call in "King of Dragons, Part 2". It came also in the representing the Whispering Deaths because they cannot come out in the sunlight.



  • According to Fishlegs, this giant dragon is not documented in the Book of Dragons. This is most likely due to the fact that a Screaming Death is the only one of it's kind and is born every 100 years.
    • However, the dragon was later named Screaming Death by Tuffnut.
    • Hiccup says he learned that the Screaming Death hatches once every hundred years, however, there is no record of it in the Book of Dragons. Although it is quite possible that Hiccup found that information in one of Bork the Bold's notes. Since Bork the Bold lived over a century ago, he might have encountered a Screaming Death before, but didn't name it as he didn't know what to call it.
  • While the Screaming Death returns in "Appetite for Destruction", the Whispering Deaths are nowhere to be seen, possibly eaten by it. However it is later revealed that his siblings were recaptured and placed on Outcast island.
  • The Screaming Death is similar to The Red Death from the first film as both have a similar name, both have similar head appearances, and both are enemies of Hiccup and Toothless.
  • The Screaming Death's egg resembles a Whispering Death's egg, but larger in size. Either the Outcasts were truly stupid and didn't register that one of their own eggs was much bigger, to begin with, or the Screaming Death had been on Berk all along and would only hatch if there were more Whispering Deaths present than had previously been available. Judging by the massive size of what is apparently a hatchling, the Screaming Death is debatably one of the largest dragons of them all.


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