Scrooge's Toys are the secondary antagonists of The Polar Express: The Video Game. They are the Ebenezer Scrooge Puppet's henchmen.

They were voiced by Jim Hanks.


The toys are extremely greedy, mischievous and hostile beings who want to assist Scrooge. They also love throwing things at people.


After Scrooge steals all the kids' tickets, he gets some of his toys to assist him in his plot to prevent the children from getting their tickets back. However, Hero Boy is determined to retrieve all the tickets with the help of the other kids.

Hero Boy manages to retrieve one of the kids' tickets in the dark cars with his help when the jack-in-the-boxes stole his ticket and refused to give it back. Hero Boy stumbles upon two dolls throwing soccer balls at him, but Hero Boy kicks them back at the puppets and locks them in their baskets. Hero Boy then has a food fight with Scrooge and some of his friends in the dining car while trying to retrieve Know-It-All's ticket. When Billy gets left behind, Scrooge fights Hero Boy again while he was trying to apply the emergency brake for Billy, but he manages to defeat him.

Hero Boy manages to get one ticket past the cook when he god mad after the food fight. He manages to retrieve a girl's ticket when wind-up mice steal it and locks them up. Hero Boy plays tennis with a jack-in-the-box and gets into a fight with a group of jack-in-the-boxes before finally getting the last ticket, but not before Scrooge steals Hero Girl's ticket. However, Hero Boy manages to retrieve the ticket and return it to her with the help of the Hobo.

After retrieving the ticket, Hero Boy gets into another fight with the jack-in-the-boxes before helping Hero Girl get across the next car by using crates. They stumble upon the mice again, who have stolen the key to the door and he manages to lock them up before Hero Boy finally defeats Scrooge with the help of the other kids.

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