~ Scrozzle's final words before his death
Scrozzle is a robotic inventor who serves as the secondary antagonist in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. He is the de-facto ruler of the Cyber Dimension, being its only inhabitant along with his Tronics. After Evox's arrival, he pledges loyalty to the computer virus and provides him, Blaze, and Roxy with various technology such as the Tronics as well as the ability to create Robotrons.

He is voiced by Campbell Cooley, who also voices a bunch of other monsters.


Prior to the events of Beast Morphers, Scrozzle fled to the Cyber Dimension to hide from a being named Vargoyle and built an army of Tronics and Gigadrones to help defend him.

After Blaze and Roxy are transported to the Cyber Dimension, they are greeted by Scrozzle, declaring himself the leader of the dimension and tries to intimidate them into bowing down using four Tronics. However, Evox materializes from the supercomputer and vaporizes the four Tronics. Scrozzle falls to his knees and begs Evox to spare him. Evox demands Scrozzle help him escape the dimension. Scrozzle says he has a teleporter, but it doesn't have any power. Roxy gives him a vial of Morph-X, which the inventor says is enough to transport him and the avatars, but not a being of Evox's power. Evox then commands him and Blaze to retrieve more.

The duo are able to retrieve a sample of Morph-X but are met by the rangers. Scrozzle then creates his first Robotron, Cycletron, from a stack of tires to fight the rangers. After the rangers morph, Scrozzle panics, and Blaze tells Cycletron to fight the rangers while he and Scrozzle return to the Cyber Dimension with the stolen Morph-X. After Cycletron is destroyed, Scrozzle sends an Alpha type Gigadrone dubbed the Cycledrone to Earth. However, it is defeated with the Beast Racer Zord Battle Mode.


  • Zoey Reeves
  • Nate Silva
  • Devon Daniels
  • Steel
  • Ravi Shaw
  • Cruise
  • Smash
  • Jax


  • Scrozzle's suit was created exclusively for Power Rangers and does not appear in Go-Busters.
    • However, some fans have pointed out that his metallic and mix/match design closer matches those of the villains in Power Rangers R.P.M/Engine Sentai Go-Onger rather than the sleek designs used in Go-Busters.
  • He seems to have a rivalry, if not outright dislike for Blaze and Roxy, as he condescends them frequently and often sees no hope in their plans, and often tries to keep them uninvolved in his own plans.


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