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The Scylla is a minor antagonist in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. She is the first boss in video game and was summoned by Poseidon to prevent Atlantis from being destroyed.


Scylla is a giant sea monster with multiple tenticles and razor sharp teeth.


When Kratos was head toward Atlantis, he comes across the Scylla trying to sink his ship. He tries to protect his ship by fighting off the Scylla's tentacles, but she eventually succeeded in destroying it. This forces Kratos to fight the Scylla near the Atlantis shore.

Boss Battle

Scylla's Brood

There, Scylla finally makes her full appearance, attacking Kratos, by using her tentacles and creating offsprings. Kratos was able to temporarily subdue her by stabbing one of her eyes and severely harming her lower jaw.

Multiple Encounters

After she retreated, Kratos encountered the Scylla on multiple occasion. She was first spotted stalking Kratos in Atlantis. After Kratos kills a Minotaur, Scylla appears and grabs Kratos with her tenticles. Kratos managed to Get out of Scylla's tenticle and processes to cut off one of her tentacles, with Scylla retreating. After the encounter with Callisto, Scylla appears again, and tries to drag Kratos underwater, only to be used as a means for Kratos to get to the Methana Volcano. There, she retreated again after some lava was dropped on her head. Scylla was encountered one more time. When Kratos reached the Volcano Core, Scylla appeared and attempted to drown Kratos. However, with a series a multiple stabs to the eye, Kratos was able to bring Scylla out of the boiling water. She was finally killed when Kratos used a giant Archimedian Screw to stab/drill through the beast's head, finally killing her. However, despite being killed, Scylla's Brood appeared out of her and tried to kill Kratos. Despite this, kratos was able to kill the rest of Scylla's Brood.


  • The Scylla is Medusa and Euryale's sister


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